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"You Are Welcome Here" campaign in America

After his election as president, Donald Trump issued several edicts that greatly influenced the lives and learning of immigrants in the United States. Many international students are concerned about applying for a visa extension and applying for entry into the United States. Recognizing this situation, many universities in the United States launched the "You are welcome here" campaign to reassure the student body and to tell the international community that the United States is always expanding its wings. The door welcomes you.

Welcome message to international students

Temple University is the school that initiated this campaign. Soon after, the campaign created strong effects in universities and social networks. More than 20 universities have made videos to express welcome messages. Other schools spread their hands everywhere.

Universities also promote the development of international student support programs and services to attract more students, such as immigration, assisted living, and naturalization assistance. Social inclusion, ... may include the Global Living Learning Community program of Temple University. The school arranges for an international student living with a native student to help international students easily integrate and catch up on their studies at school.

There are a number of participating universities, including Temple University, James Madison, Wright State University, Embry Riddle Prescott, Community College of Spokane, Colorado State University of Idaho, Embry-Riddle Prescott, Golden West College , Virginia International University, ....

Study abroad still "not cool down"

As of May 2017, more than 1.18 million international students are studying in the United States. After the new presidential election, the number of students enrolled in the United States has shown no signs of decline as there are too many reasons for choosing this education.

The United States is one of the world's best educators in all areas, from technology, energy, defense, business, medicine. With over 4,000 educational institutions, the United States provides a huge system of education. The majors, the curriculum is the desire of many different subjects. Due to the flexible nature of the training, this education will facilitate when you want to transfer to any field or school.

Studying in the US, students have the opportunity to participate in a variety of extracurricular activities. Students are self-reliant, dynamic, good social skills, good communication and constantly developing themselves. This is considered a prominent feature of American students. Students will be able to participate in clubs, programs, research projects of the school, etc. Just as you are active, there will be opportunities for you to express yourself.

Every year, the schools offer great value scholarships to students who have excelled in research, scholarship, contributions to the school and to society. In addition, students also have the opportunity to practice pay, while improving their knowledge and income to cover their living.

In recent years, community college in the United States is a favorite trend. Students can study in the upper secondary level. Entry requirements are not high, suitable for the majority of Vietnamese students. Degree qualifications are recognized throughout the United States and students are able to transfer easily to a prestigious university.

Study fee reference

 High school

 10.000 - 20.000 USD/year

 Community college

 10.000 - 15.000 USD/year


 18.000 - 25.000 USD/year


 25.000 - 35.000 USD/year

 Cost of living

 800 – 1.000 USD/ month


There are 3 semesters a year. Fall semester is the formal semester.

- Spring semester: January and February

- Summer term: May and June

Fall semester: August or September

Studying in the United States

- Step 1: Select school and study program

- Step 2: Take the IELTS / TOEFL / SAT entry exam ... as required

- Step 3: Apply for admission

- Step 4: Get admission offer

- Step 5: Submit the documents needed to receive I-20 *

- Step 6: Get I-20

- Step 7: Prepare paperwork to apply for student visa (F-1).

- Step 8: Interview at the Embassy / Consulate General

- Step 9: Prepare to study and live in America

I-20 is the certificate of the college you applied for admission to the US Citizenship and Immigration Services or the US Consulate, certifying a number of events including the fact that you are recognized as a student of their school. And have been accepted into the program until the end of the program and will attend full-time per year. The I-20 is an indispensable requirement and is part of the visa application process.

- Minh Nguyen-


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