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Update SSVF program: Studying in Australia does not require financial proof

From 1 June 2017, the new Australian student visa policy for SSVFs is officially introduced. Accordingly, students wishing to study abroad at 49 schools listed on the list will be exempted from documentation, without proof of income.

1. What is a SSVF Visa?

The SSVF is an acronym for the Simplified Student Visa Framework, a new Australian visa processing system introduced by Australia in place of the old SVP priority visa program.
The SSVF starts from 1/7/2016, reducing from 08 visa categories in the old program to two visa categories, aiming to simplify the visa process, saving costs, ensuring benefits for students who want to enter. Learn really. The program also provides a system for measuring the level of risk of immigration records in Australia, reducing the risk of unwanted risk, and promoting the development of Australian education. The two visa categories of the program are:

- Student Visa (Subclass 500): Student visa
- Student Guardian Visa (Subclass 590): Student Guard visa

All students - students are placed in the 500 subclass irrespective of the curriculum. Applying for a Visa will be made online through ImmiAccount, which is available for both international students and guardians.

2. Advantages of SSVF
- The visa simplification process will be applied to all levels of education from primary, secondary, college, university and postgraduate.

- When applicants submit all the required documents, they will receive a visa within 2-4 weeks.
- The SSVF is an effective opportunity for those who really want to study in Australia, giving a more focused direction to candidates for the purpose of honest immigration.

- Financial proof will depend on the candidate's risk profile, based on which country the applicant chooses and which school. Accordingly, students from high-risk countries will have to provide more evidence than students from countries with lower risk ratios.

- The official website of the Australian Government provides a complete list of required documents that the applicant must complete. Students can update their information on visa categories and changes from the government regarding this issue.
- Students will be closely monitored by the school to ensure that students complete the course. So there will be no lazy students not going to class or drop out in the middle.

- For students under the age of 18, they will be provided with adequate social welfare while studying and living in Australia. When there is any change in accommodation or guardians, the student must notify the school.

3. SSVF registration conditions

- Students who are well-versed in higher education, must be accepted from a school on the SSVF program list.
- In terms of financial capacity, ask students or their families to pay for tuition and living expenses.

- English proficiency requires a minimum of IELTS 4.5 for entry requirements, and applicants will receive an additional 20 weeks of English language reinforcement prior to official admission.
- All applicants are required to submit a visa application and visa application fee.

- The addition of the necessary documents depends on the level of risk assessment of the dossier approval agency. If they assess the high risk, they will ask students to add other documents to prove that applying for a student visa is a real purpose.

As of March 31, 2017, the SSVF program limited the list of colleges and universities to be considered for priority visas. Some of the schools listed in Level 1, the UE Study Abroad are:

1. Canberra Department of Education and Training – ACT DET 

2. Australian National University – ANU

3. Macquarie University – MU

4. University of New England – UNE 

5. University of New South Wales – UNSW

6. University of Sydney

7. University of Technology, Sydney – UTS

8. International College of Management, Sydney – ICMS

9. Deakin University 

10. Monash University and Monash College

11. RMIT University

12. University of Melbourne

13. William Angliss Institute of Tafe

14. University of Tasmania

15. Bond University

16. Queensland University of Technology – QUT

17. University of Queensland – UQ

18. South Australia Department of Education and Training – SA DET

19. Carnegie Mellon University

20. University of Adelaide

21. International College of Hotel Management – ICHM

22. University of Notre Dame Australia

23. University of Western Australia - UWA

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