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University of Cincinnati: Top 10 Attractive Universities in America

University of Cincinnati (UC) is a public school located in Ohio, established in 1819. During its development, the University of Cincinnati is consistently ranked among the top 25 flagship universities in the country. .

At present there are more than 400 undergraduate and postgraduate programs, all of which are ranked high in interior design, criminal justice, music, industrial design.

The school offers the most convenient facilities for students, especially in terms of facilities. For example, DAAP (art, design, engineering, project) is invested in many equipments such as 3D printing, laser cutting, studio shooting, workshop. The school's campus is known as an "international cultural destination" because it houses a wide variety of restaurants, shops and sporting events. All students' needs will be met fully.

The impressive numbers of the University of Cincinnati

UC is among the top 100 best schools in the United States

- Top 25 universities in the US are most searched

- The most beautiful campus in the United States

- Top 10 schools achieve international student satisfaction

- Top 200 Global Universities scholarships

- 84% of new graduates have the right job

- 92% of students in the field of architecture, design, art and planning receive full-time work on their first co-op.

- There are 74 Fortune 500 companies that agree to recruit new UC graduates

The College has more than 100 years of experience in Co-op training. Students studying co-op programs will have the opportunity to work alternately each semester and earn a regular salary with average incomes. $ 1,700 to $ 2,500.

Input requirements

- High school graduation

- TOEFL 79 / IELTS 6.5

- If you meet the academic requirements but do not qualify for an English language course, you can enroll in English Language Second at ELS Cincinnati.










ESL Cincinnati Program

ELS Cincinnati is located on the campus of the University of Cincinnati. Studying at ELS CC will help students:

- Engage in English language activities

- Integration of American cultural life

- Students use all the facilities of the school including dormitories, libraries, labs, health centers, ...

- Join interesting extracurricular activities

- Students may apply through ELS through conditional admission to CC, saving on registration fees

- Courses open continuously, students can choose a course that suits themselves.

- Each level of ELS is 120 hours / 4 weeks

Upon completion of the ELS 112 level, students have the opportunity to receive a scholarship of up to $ 10,000 per academic year if they qualify for the UC Math Placement Test.

- Upon successful completion of the ELS program, students may be eligible for admission to a bachelor's degree with a distinctive academic background and a Co-op program.

Co-op program

In 1906, UC put the Co-op program into training. The Co-op program combines intermittent academic semesters and semesters to work professionally and is paid for by over 1,500 domestic and international partners.

When enrolled in the Co-op program, students are required to remain in the College's dormitory during the first academic year to receive detailed training in the program.

The Cincinnati University's Co-op program offers international students the opportunity to work and choose a career. The program not only promotes independence, maturity and professionalism but also helps to increase employment opportunities after graduation. Co-op puts students into professional workforce. Students have up to 18 months of work experience - and earn money in a work environment that fits their specialty.

Co-ops are technology and applied science (CEAS), architecture-design (DAAP), business (LcoB), communication, IT.

- Students participate in rigorous academic semesters and full-time full-time academic semesters.

- Co-op semester earnings help offset college expenses.

- Students are prepared for the Co-op semester through workplace skills training: preparation and writing, interviewing, and career planning.

Each student is assigned a co-op mentor who acts as a bridge between the student and the employer and is also a facilitator in identifying the item. Targeted and academic achievement from experience.

Ohio, Kentucky, New York, California, Texas, Illinois, Indiana, Georgia, Massachusetts, Florida, Pennsylvania are the states with the largest number of Co-op students.

- Germany, China, Australia, France, Italy, Canada, India, UK ... are the countries with the number of students choosing to participate in Co-op.

Co-op places students on positions that earn salaries from more than 1,500 employers, from small professional companies to Fortune 500 companies. Great as Disney, BMW, P & G, IBM ...

- International students are allowed to work full time - 40 hours per week when joining the Co-op program. During this time, they will receive salaries from employers. What's better - students do not have to pay tuition fees when joining the Co-op program.

- Working time up to 18 months, international students can earn over $ 40,000. Meanwhile, their wages will not have to pay for any tuition during Co-op. 12-18 months full-time work permits students to develop savings plans to support academic studies to complete their undergraduate studies.

Co-op job placement allows international students to meet professionals in the majors they study. Some students find employment after graduation through relationships. Although this is not guaranteed but it opens up many options to work in the US after graduation.


Transition program with UC Blue Ash College

The College has opened UC Blue Ash College for non-UC students.

Blue Ash College is well-chosen by many students for the following reasons:

- Blue Ash College is a college located in the University of Cincinnati

- Smart tuition with only 54% tuition fee. One-year tuition is about $ 15,000.

- Students can transfer after two years of college, two more years to obtain a bachelor degree

- A college degree is an option to complete a bachelor's degree program, a credit exemption for students completing A-level, and a master's degree with a total duration of 5 years.

- Easily move from Blue Ash College to UC with a bus within 20 minutes.

School scholarships

The school offers a scholarship (requires a SAT / ACT or a Mathematics Test - this is also a general requirement for students seeking this school), scholarships ranging from $ 5,000 to 100% tuition fee.

Every year, the school grants the Global Scholarship Scholarship of up to $ 45 million to international students. When students apply, they will be able to receive scholarships automatically, and you will be able to receive 100% scholarships when they meet the requirements of the university.

University of Cincinnati is one of the UE school partners to participate in the "USA, Canada, Australia and other countries Education Fair 2018 "  Organized by UE Corp. and ISN. There will be many interesting and useful information about the scholarship program for you.

If interested, wish to know the details of the program and register to participate in one of two ways:

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