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Things that will surprise you when studying in the US!

Studying in the US is a great experience for your energetic youth. In addition to being educated in the leading educational environment, the following things take place in this great power that will make you feel so amazing and amazing. Study and get familiar with UE study abroad!

1. The first will be about eating, "there is new realism". American people usually eat dinner between 5pm and 8pm. The cause of this early dinner is because they seem to eat a little bit in the morning and lunch, so the afternoon will be fast apparent.

2. How do you see the notes in Vietnam and many other countries around the world? Right! Each note will have its own color corresponding to the different denominations. But in the United States, coins with different denominations, they often have the same color.


3. While living in a hugely rich economy with a high living standard, but the American people are not wasting food! This is really a virtue. If you finish your meal at the restaurant but still have leftover food, Americans will ask the server to serve the box or bag to re-pack and bring home.

4. If in Vietnam, hugging or holding a strange child can be just a normal act in everyone's eyes. But if you do the same in the United States, you may be beaten, more serious, and arrested by the police.

5. American people are very focused on space and respect politeness when communicating. They will feel more comfortable talking, chatting in a wide open space. Conversely, dialogue with close proximity will make them feel odd and unnatural.

6. If you have the habit of taking off your shoes before entering the house and reminding others to do so, you should give up this habit before deciding to move to the United States if you do not lose heart. Because Americans usually wear shoes in the home, they will not feel respected if you ask or remind them to take off their shoes before entering the home.

7. It seems that Americans are not afraid of sore throats, because they love to use ice with the usual ice to drink, the percentage of ice in a glass usually amounts to 70-80%.

8. Politics is an issue that countries around the globe care about and focus on months-long elections. However, in the United States, an election (for example, the US presidential election) can last up to a year.


--Hoai Phuong--



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