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Study Abroad at Cretin - Derham School with a scholarship of $ 2,500

Cretin - Derham High School was founded in 1871 in Twin Cities.

Cretin-Derham Hall is a Catholic high school, co-sponsored by the Brothers of the Christian Schools and Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet, committed to Christian values ​​and academic excellence in grades nine through ten. two. The school will educate young men and young women with the ability, culture, and socio-economic background for the opportunities in post-secondary education. Derham Hall High School consists of boarding students from St. Joseph's Academy near downtown St. Louis. Paul. Derham Hall is dedicated to the academic development of students with an emphasis on liberal arts and will serve as a high school of St. Mary's Church. Catherine. The first president of Derham Hall was Hyacinth Werden, CSJ.

Cretin-Derham Hall works with Amerigo Education to gain international study experience. Amerigo believes that the success of a top school in the United States is to ensure each student finds the only support they need to create their brightest future.

Outstanding features

- Award School: Blue Ribbon School of Excellence.

- The school has excellent teachers, clubs, sports and all activities are ongoing. Relationships that people create as second homes.

- Cretin-Derham Hall stands out for its relaxed atmosphere and enthusiastic community. Students can participate in classroom discussions, talk to colleagues, or chat with teachers easily.

- Cretin-Derham Hall has a perfect mix of community, challenging scientists and high-level athletes.

- Class size is small, focused, creating students who have moral standards in the world.

Provide an environment in which students learn, develop and implement the skills they need to have a positive impact on their community.

Commitment in churches, schools and the community in general to develop a sense of management.

- The school is committed to the values ​​of Catholicism, Academia, Leadership, Community, Services, Diversity, and Justice.


Curriculum, course

- Academic Program: AP, Honors, American High School. Subject: 44 AP & Honors.

- Featured Program: STEM, Arts, Leadership Academy, 1: 1 i-Pad.

- Extracurricular Activities: 39 clubs and 41 sports teams.

- University admits: Yale University, University of California - Berkeley, University of Chicago, etc.

- Intake period: Fall (August).

- Phonathon Cretin-Derham Hall is a program created by CDH students. This is an opportunity to thank those who support and update their supporters.

- Program of the 2017-2018 school year: Students will receive $ 7.00 tuition fees per hour for all positions.

Study at Premier American: Using an integrated approach to technology, tutoring lessons with students and connecting top universities, provides students with the keys to academic excellence. excellence.

Amerigo's residency program provides international students with an enriching and supportive environment, building solid friendships and experiencing new experiences every day.

Transfer to University: Amerigo focuses on each student's goal to help them achieve the future they envision. Program around individual students ranging from planning for the course, to mentoring and exploring careers, and consulting the university.


4. Tuition and Fees

Total Costs (2018 - 2019): $ 66,950 (*), including:

Tuition and housing costs ($ 61,000): Tuition, English and Academic Support, Dormitory and Security, Meals (3 meals per day), Advice and Career Advice; Practical trips, graduation fee

- Cost of Students ($ 5,950): Insurance, Holiday and Thanksgiving Day Outings, Uniforms, Books, Technology Equipment, Airport Transfers, Weekend Activities

5. Scholarships

The scholarship will be assessed on the basis of a variety of factors: grade point average (GPA), English proficiency, interviews and other achievements (if any).

• 30% equivalent to $ 18,300 (tuition & living expenses) Total tuition fee: $ 48,650 per year

• Limited scholarships: 40% & 50%.

There are also the Cretin-Derham Hall Scholarship and the Carondelet and Lasallian Scholarships.

Cretin-Derham Hall Carondelet and Lasallian Scholarships honor students with exemplars that represent faith, leadership and service.

The $ 2,500 award will be applied for Grade 9 tuition and will be redeemed for all four years. All students who take the Cretin-Derham Hall Placement Test and who have a cumulative grade point average of 90% or more will receive the scholarship.

In the years 2017-2018, Cretin-Derham Hall distributed $ 2.68 million in financial aid to 40% of families.


Hang Hoang


HOTLINE: +84 1800 6972 (FREE CALL)

Head Office

Address: 21 Mai Thi Luu, Dakao Ward, District 1, HCMC​

District 1 Branch - HCMC

Address: 28C Mai Thi Luu, Dakao Ward, District 1, HCMC​

Tan Phu District Branch - HCMC

Address: 445 Luy Ban Bich, Hiep Tan Ward, Tan Phu District, HCMC

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