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Spend the mid-season vacation to discover fantastic locations near Houston (Part 1)

As a student, after a period of stressful study, in addition to extra work, you should spend time exploring the famous places of your home. If you are a new student coming to Houston and living in Houston, you have a lot of options to spend time with your midwife.

This time I will share my exciting trip in the Spring Break just for the new season first reference. The holiday is coming and will last about 10 days, so plan to explore the places below, making sure you do not regret it.
Austin Metropolitan Government, Austin City, Taxes.
From Houston around 2:30 am, Austin is the top choice for many people with a break of 2 days or more. To Austin, you can explore the following locations:
1. The University of Texas (UT)
As one of the top four universities in Texas, both in size and quality, UT is a very beautiful campus, and you will need at least three to four hours to discover the UT as a whole. 1,438.5 acres (582.1 ha). UT is not only a school but also a campus of a long-standing architectural community that embodies the history, culture, and religion of the Texan heritage. This is also the cradle of many successful and famous figures: former lady Laura Bush, or first lady Lady Bird Johnson, CEO of Southwest Airline (US domestic carrier) Gary C. Kelly or Michael Dell, the founder and CEO of Dell, and a lot of other prominent businessmen and artists from UT.


2. The Texas Capital State Building, located opposite the UT campus, is less than 5 minutes' drive away.
You can admire the beauty of the unique architecture of the long-lived dome building from the West when you visit the capital city hall of Austin. When inside the building, you will have to go through the check-in and check-out ports when out. You will be under great security control as this is where regular government meetings are held. You will not be able to use a camera or smart phone when entering the hall, there are many pictures of the mayors or important figures in the local government. Around the area, you can visit the Mexic-Arte Art Museum and the Bullock Texas State History Museum, which is Texas's major museum. 

3. Austin Graffiti Park
Discover the charm and novelty of graffiti street art in a hill dedicated to it in Austin, where many young people enjoy. Graffiti Park is about a 10-minute drive from Austin's downtown, and the problem is that during the holiday season, when crowds get too crowded you will have a hard time finding a parking space. 

4. Austin's 360 Bridge or another name is Pennybacker Bridge
The beautiful architecture bridge over Austin Lake, is a beautiful landscape for those who love and want to enjoy nature. You will be surprised by the beauty of the beauty of the scene here and do not skip the check in offline! 


5. Hamilton Pool
Do not miss this amazing natural attraction if you are in Austin. The lake, known as the well of the sky, with its vertical waterfall, is the perfect place for you to soak in the hot summer of Texas. I was really conquered by the wild but wonderful character of this place. Blue water, blue sapphire, cascade, and a cave in it, where you can indulge in cool water vapor. 

[Student's diary from Houston, USA]
Houston, 5 June, 2017
--Alie Ho--

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