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Reasons to buy OSHC when studying in Australia

OSHC is the type of health insurance needed for students studying in Australia. If you do not have OSHC, you pay the full cost of the treatment at the hospital, at a cost of up to thousands of dollars.

1. Learn about OSHC

OSHC is an insurance designed for international students to provide medical and hospital care services that a student may need while living and studying in Australia.

For this purpose, buying a health insurance before entering Australia is one of the most important and important things for international students. OSHC helps international students cover medical expenses and hospital treatment when they are sick or injured while living and studying in Australia.


2. Reasons for international students to have OSHC

Due to visa requirements

The Immigration Department requires all holders of student visas to maintain OSHC during their stay in Australia. Condition 8501 - Maintenance of OSHC is a mandatory requirement for student visas. It also warns international students not to maintain full OSHC, a student visa may be canceled.

Create psychological peace of mind

Medical treatment can be expensive. In some cases, hospital treatment can cost more than $ 600 a day. Overseas students are not eligible for Medicare - a public health insurance scheme for Australian citizens.

Because medical services in Australia are very expensive

If you do not have OSHC, you have to pay for hospital treatment, which can cost up to thousands of dollars. This will add to the financial burden on parents and students. While you are in good health, you can guarantee your learning, especially in a climate that is not adaptable to you.

OSHC will give you the right to health care. When you start your independent life abroad, with OSHC you will be entitled to the current health benefits in your home 

3. Contact insurance and payment methods

Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) insurance is compulsory for all international students during their study period. You can buy OSHC in Vietnam in two forms:

Direct contact Annalink JSC, the official representative of OSHCstudents in Vietnam for guidance.

Buy online at www.oshcstudents.com.au. Select service / select Australia / select student insurance to check the price and choose the airline.

4. Foreign student benefits covered by OSHC

OSHC covers all medical expenses incurred during your stay in Australia. OSHC is similar to Medicare (Australian public health insurance). In addition, OSHC offers a number of other benefits, including:

With Doctors: pay 100% of the Medicare Benefits List (MBS) for standard consultation with a GP and 85% of MBS for other non-hospital services. . Hospitals include: hospital beds, operating rooms, day services, emergency services and accidents, outpatient and postoperative services.

With Prescription Medication: You pay a prescribed amount for the medication.

Tests and X-rays: pay 85% of the MBS fee for out-of-hospital services or 100% of MBS for hospital services.

Emergency transportation: 100% of the cost of ambulance transport.

Prosthesis: payment of the minimum benefit for prosthetic implants. Implant prostheses may include: stenting of coronary arteries, artificial hip / knee, or titanium plates / screws to regenerate and bridge broken bones.

5. Note with categories not covered by OSHC

  • The cost of dental treatment;
  • Cost of vision;
  • Services provided by a physiotherapist, osteopath specialist, chiropractor, natural healing therapist or any other associated service;
  • Aesthetic surgery is not compulsory;
  • Copayment or payment of the difference (paid by the patient);
  • The reproduction program is supported;
  • Pregnancy-related treatment within the first 12 months after arrival;
  • Pre-existing condition within the first 12 months after arrival;
  • Medicines not prescribed or not in the PBS;

Hospital or medical services arising from any of the events listed in the Exclusion Points section.




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