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Overseas students and green card

At times, while still in Vietnam, listening to a glimpse of some people used to talk "paperwork" something of the child is an American student, I was curious too. I do not know what to do and what to do. Also thought in the beginning is probably paperwork involved in staying in America but do not know how it.

After arriving in the US, it was clear to me how many students are here to stay in the US, few come back to the country. Not only that, there are many you can guarantee parents and families to live together after living in the US. I do not dare discuss much about how to do because I do not know yet, but I just see a lot of happy stories around the green card of American students.

To tell the truth is to force students to have a lot of pressure, especially when the family is too expecting you. And when you put yourself in their shoes, you probably will not think otherwise. Many of you when set foot in the United States, the first desire is to find a way to get green card rather than just make money to learn. My dear friends looking for a way to get the fastest green card without even considering the consequences. When I first came here, my mind did not have a slight thought about it, because I was just going to try to make money for school is enough. But the reality is not so simple. To pursue this dream of studying, especially financially, either you have a scholarship, or your family is in Vietnam economically stable, or you have relatives in the US support plus you Can do more to cover part. But if you do not have those elements, it is a challenge to go to work as well as go to study the industry you like. If you do not find the way, you can hardly face that challenge. And green cards are almost perfect measures for many problems at the same time. Why?
Green Card is a certificate of permanent residence or immigration papers for non-US citizens who are resident in the United States. That means that if you are an immigrant (including an international student), if you have a green card, you will become a permanent resident in the United States, or in Vietnam we call it a permanent residence. Regardless of how long your green card lasts (2 years or 10 years), you will also enjoy the benefits of permanent residence in the United States. For overseas students, the benefits you can get are very specific. The first is the reduced tuition. When you have a green card, you will no longer be subject to the state fees that the state government determines for international students. The tuition fee is extremely cheap, especially if you are a student from level 1 to level 3, free tuition and the tuition fees of universities or colleges will pay relatively low. Anyone holding a Green Card is considered to have been legally recognized by the United States and paid as a national flag, so the tuition fees are three to four times less expensive than studying abroad. born. This is the most obvious benefit for an international student. Also, when you hold a green card, you do not have to worry about your visa is expired or expired, you can now be freer to go out of the United States or return.
So, want to return home for family or summer vacation, you will really much more comfortable. Your green card does show that its important benefit is that when you have the legal right to own everything that a citizen has the right, including: home, vehicle, gun (subject to state regulations) Because if you are an international student, to buy a car, you will have to ask the name on paper, but you can not buy your own car. And a lot of other interests you can learn more. Here I am just briefly discussing the immediate benefits of owning a green card for international students.

It's not hard to understand why most students are trying and finding a way to get a green card. The most common way to do that is to get married to an American (American). Because after marriage with the nationality, you will be guaranteed by him and can apply for green card. The time is short (the fastest is 3-5 months) and you will be able to go to school with a "cheap" tuition rate. For many college students, fake marriage is the quickest way to get a green card in your hand instead of having to spend some time living and acquaintance with friends in the United States to see "fiancé or fiancée" Really his. Once married and granted a green card, you will return to the divorce procedure, or if they can, they can guarantee your application for naturalization. Actually, this is quite risky because you can not be 100% sure that the person you hire to get married is really reliable. International students lose a large amount of money by choosing fraudsters to get money and then do not check in to the end. Because to get a green card through a fiancée / fiancée guarantee, the process and paperwork are not that simple either. You will also have to prove the relationship, financial proof and interview at the competent authority. While you are an international student, when you hire someone for a fake marriage, you will be marginalized. You do not have a legal document proving your deal with the person you are working with. Orally committed. If cheated, the ability to take back the money paid to them is very low.

At first, someone asked me if they want to do paperwork they will introduce donor. I did not think about it because then did not know how it lives here. Now many, many people around me, are students, people have green cards, people are preparing for green card interviews, married people, someone preparing to sponsor parents to The United States, but also you do not meet the documentary subjects do not cooperate ... Well do not know why now because I just want to study the field you like should try to learn as well. Sometimes also panic but then chuckle tongue: Do not know what tomorrow, only the best with today before.

[Student's diary from Houston, USA]
Houston, 10 June, 2017
--Alie Ho--

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