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Experiences for a successful US student visa interview

According to annual statistics, the number of students decide to study in the US always occupy a large number compared to studying in other countries. The United States has always been one of the world's leading education institutions, with many famous universities such as Stanford University, the California Institute of Technology, Harvard University ...

The ticket decides whether you can study abroad. Is the USA study abroad. However, not everyone can easily achieve dreams easily. Come to UE, we will prepare you the best for the US study interview.

You need to keep in mind the 3 most important things that make the US study interview go smoothly:

1. You really want to study abroad is to learn more knowledge and experience for yourself rather than for any other purpose.
2. You and your family are financially able to pay for tuition and living expenses when you are in the United States.
3. Do you wish to return to Vietnam to serve the country after completing courses in the United States.
With its nearly 11-year foundation, UE Study abroad will share practical experiences that everyone is anxious to overcome the US study abroad interview:

1. Psychological confidence, comfortable:
You will need to identify your target audience for US officials, who are responsible for visa interviews. They will ask you questions related to study, finance, future plans ... in Vietnamese or in English in a very short time (3 -10 minutes). Think in the direction of the interview as a conversation in which you are the speaker, in which the speaker must persuade the listener. In the same way, first of all, you will have a more relaxed, calm and confident self. Confidence is 50% success!
2. Choose a wise solution:
You should try to practice English in the best way so that you can present the most clear, accurate and concise of your plans and plans in the United States.
3. Dress neatly, politely:
A polite outfit is to make a good impression. We all know that the first impression is very important. The Consulate only has a few minutes of contact with you, but it will completely determine your US study interview. So, let them have a good look at your maturity and style.

4. It is necessary to have a scientific, detailed and convincing study plan:
When asked, list your study plan briefly and clearly so that US officials in the US study interview can feel your sincerity and earnestness to study abroad.
Prepare the necessary information to clearly explain why your chosen university, your favorite subject and why you want to study abroad without studying in Vietnam.
You need to carefully study the discipline that you will pursue during your studies, the benefits that you will gain from studying in the United States, and the intent to pursue your career after graduation. Vietnam ... to persuade the officer in the US study interview.
5. Prepare the most solid and concrete reasons:
Frequently asked questions such as: "Why do you choose the United States to study abroad, not a different country? How do you plan to stay while studying, traveling, financially studying abroad, preparing for life away from home ...? "
You should be active in the answer, for example, if you ask "What are you going to do in the US?", People do not want to hear your answer simply "I am in the US to study". One answer would be "I went to the US to study ABC because I have a passion for being nurtured from the ABC industry in Vietnam. I learned about this industry and now I want to study in the US. ABC industry ".
6. Prove that you will definitely return to Vietnam after your studies:
Let's show them: "Your country is very good, very beautiful and extremely talented, but I will return to Vietnam" for very convincing reasons such as: Let them know that. You also have many ties in Vietnam such as family relationships, relatives, assets you will own from your parents or a bright future in Vietnam that you can not deny.

7. Proof of Financial Transparency and Sufficiency:
The financial status of your family's family will be the first factor for you to be considered and make the initial US study abroad interview. Applications for student visas are highly valued when there is complete, verifiable, verifiable, verifiable financial information. Your family must show proof of their well-being, enough money to pay for school fees and other expenses when you study and live in the United States. And your family finances have a solid foundation to bring you back to your hometown after your studies are complete.

8. And when the interview to study the United States did not achieve the desired results:
You must understand that: Refusal to grant a visa does not mean that your US education has ended permanently. Consider that as a really valuable experience for you. If the next time, you have changed the problems that are obstacles as proof of the financial situation is more stable, reasons for studying more convincingly ... continue to apply for study abroad Noodle. Success will come to you if you are really determined.
Dear friend! Come to United Education Company, we will be a solid foundation for your education and you step by step fulfill your dream, help you get a study abroad interview. US most successful. Good luck!

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