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Event in October: Mentoring Program

A special event will be taking place from 9:30 am - 11 am on 10.10.2015 - EVENT OCTOBER 10: Mentoring PROGRAM

UE - A special event will take place from UE from 9:30 am - 11 am on 10.10.2015 - EVENT OCTOBER 10: Mentoring PROGRAM

To support young people have been steadfast spirit before moving abroad to study, UE implementation Mentoring Program event under the advice of Nguyen's Germany - Strategy Manager of UE.

Join the program, you will get him Virtue - He has extensive experience and success in the process of studying abroad - advice and share the valuable and most useful for studying journey Your upcoming:

1. Based on KSA (Knowledge, Skills, Attitude) to advise students on career plan.

2. Instructions on how to apply the scholarship: find the right school, prepare records, admission essay & interview.

3. Guidelines apply to Top 5 UK universities, and top 30 US uni, uni Canadian top 5, top 5 Australian uni.

4. Advice on the sector in the economic sphere, undergard, MSc, MBA.

5. Sharing experience before "Culture shock": integration into indigenous communities, working in a multicultural environment & psychological preparation before returning to Vietnam to work.

6. Consultants participating in extracurricular activities to Improve soft skills, networking, presentation, communication, negotiation, delegation & real experience.

7. Share a position to run for president, vice president, project leader of international student associations eg. AIESEC, enactus. How to set up one new student organizations & maintain long-term operation.

8. Share experiences National Business Plan Competition participants and entered the finals.

9. Guidelines apply internship: Guiding CV, how to go through assessment center, interview.

10. Guidelines establish small business system in the region and abroad during the study.

11. Advice on Entrepreneurship.

12. Contact with the group vietpro - volunteer group of Vietnamese students Men working in the UK, VSA - student organizations in the US & the student organizations of other countries.

This useful program is expected to take place regularly, so young people are eager to study prepares do not miss it. To register for participation, as well as the notice period - specific locations, please contact the hotline of UE:

Phuong: 0909. 139 452.
Ms. Trinh: 0906. 921 539

Or click on the link to register: http://goo.gl/forms/hX3iF12o2k

As the number of seats is limited, you quickly signed then. UE would like to welcome the participation of your enthusiasm.