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Changes to student visa policy of UK

The UK government has announced a number of policy changes in the UK student visa in order to tighten visa number is expected to end with the object selected students really need to study in the UK.

The UK government has announced a number of policy changes in the UK student visa in order to tighten visa number is expected to end with the object selected students really need to study in the UK.

The British government still active with the policies and activities in order to attract high-quality students from countries outside Europe. However, the phenomenon of abuse of foreign student visa policy to the UK to work instead concentrate on academic career forced the British government to review the existing immigration policy.

Study in UK is the dream of many young


According to information from the British Council in Hanoi, the British Home Secretary announced a number of changes to student visa policy, including new rules on English language proficiency, financial, and health check interview required. Reportedly, these changes do not completely obstruct the way to England to study at the prestigious educational institutions of the students, students from Vietnam are actually learning needs.

Every year, the Center received visas UK record level of over 3,000 student visas for students, students from Vietnam, the number of student visa rejected nor small, the biggest reason is because you do not have prepared and the uncertainty about the visa rules UK. We offer a comprehensive service from consultancy study, school choice, and industry guidance documents prepared for the student visa and Vietnam students completely free of charge. From April 2013, the British government has 3 announced major changes to the student visa, including foreign students interviewed students (Student interviews - credibility checks), tuberculosis testing and increased visa fees.

Interviews with his visa applicants through video

UKBA (Department of English border and immigration) has introduced pilot programs, visa interview candidates via video, as an additional factor to determine whether students intending to study real or not, decision to grant visas to applicants from high risk countries. The interview will be started from January 5/2013 and formally implemented globally in January 6/2013.

General process is:

Video interview with UKBA staff day candidate filing for a visa - as soon as you take your fingerprints. Summary of interviews and comments on the candidates will be sent to the visa office where records considered candidates. Through interviews, the candidates will have been identified as having serious intent to study or not. Several candidates were proposed additional interviews will be interviewed face to face directly at the visa office, or by telephone interview with the visa office. Here, candidates will be evaluated again with the purpose of learning is correct, reliable or not.

INTO Education Group partners with school systems varied

The candidates interviewed will not affect visa processing time (currently 15 days), and will help to reduce waiting times, increase reliability assessment of students as well as academic purposes . Understanding the processes and requirements of the interview is extremely important to determine whether the student has been granted a student visa or not.

Check tuberculosis in Vietnam
The visa applicants for courses in length from 6 months, the filing date of 30/06/2013 and after this date, will be taken / test lung (tuberculosis). Results capture / inspection should be submitted along with other documents on file for a student visa. Students should contact IOM clinics in Hanoi / Ho Chi Minh City to schedule your examination and examination fee is 90 dollars.
Increased visa fees
In Hanoi: visa fee: VND 9,834,000
In Vietnam: Fee includes service charges of VFS: 11,200,000 VND
Also, if candidates are requested to send the passport instead of at the end, the Members need to pay courier fee is 40,000 VND.