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World University Rankings 2018

In the morning of September 5, the Times Higher Education published the results of the World University Rankings 2018. Topping the list are two UK universities: Oxford and Cambridge.

Cambridge University

About the World University Rankings 2018

Times Higher Education has ranked 1,000 universities for 2018. This is the largest ranking ever.

There are 13 criteria for ranking top universities based on university core tasks such as teaching, research, transfer of knowledge and international perspectives. The criteria are reviewed, compared and evaluated the most comprehensive, most fair. This ranking is a reliable result of students, scholars, university leaders, government.

The independent auditing firm is PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC).

Oxford University student

World University Rankings 2018 results

In the 2018 rankings, Oxford University and Cambridge University hold the 1st and 2nd place. European countries rank among the top 200 universities. In addition, there is a noticeable trend that China's continuous rise in recent years. Peking University (Beijing) is in the top 30 best schools.

Oxford University has been in the charts for two consecutive years. This year turned up the top spot.

Cambridge University from fourth place to No. 2. Next is the California Institute of Technology and Stanford University (USA).

The reason that Cambridge could be No. 2 is because this year's research and research quality has improved markedly.

Sales in the United States fell 23% (the California Institute of Technology) and 24% (Stanford University) while Cambridge and Oxford boost sales, up 24% over the previous year.

Louise Richardson, Oxford's vice-chancellor, said she was "delighted that Oxford has reached the top spot in the global university rankings."

Professor Oxford University's Richardson says, "To be considered as the best university in the world, Oxford has made a lot of effort with openness for students to be actively involved in the development of the school. This is a pride for Oxford and me. "

The results show that the position of US and Australian schools in future years may be "threatened".

In the top 200, 59 out of 62 US schools face downgrade risks as the collection shows that faculty are questioning their future earnings under President Trump.

Australian schools have maintained a relatively stable performance but their status in the years to come is likely to change as the Australian government plans to cut 2.5% of its funding for education, estimated to be lost. Approximately $ 2.8 billion in flood waters.

European nations are facing strong competition from Asian nations. Peking University occupies the 27th place, stands on a par with New York University and the University of Edinburgh.

Tsinghua University this year surpassed No. 30, surpassing the University of Melbourne, the Georgia Institute of Technology, LMU Munich and the École Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne.


Tsinghua University

The reputation of Chinese universities has improved since they have focused on teaching and research in the past year. There are currently three universities in Asia.

Both Chinese organizations have improved in terms of their reputation for teaching and research this year - meaning that there are now three Asian universities in the top 30 of the rankings for the first time. current method.

The top two universities in Asia - the National University of Singapore - have risen two grades from 24 to 22, standing at the same level as the University of Toronto and Carnegie Mellon University. Tan Chorh-Chuan, president of the school council, said he was "delighted that the National University of Singapore has gradually established its global reputation. The results of this ranking have profound impact on the quality of education and research of the school.

National University of Singapore

THE World University Rankings 2018: Top 10

2018 rank

2017 rank





University of Oxford




University of Cambridge




California Institute of Technology




Stanford University




Massachusetts Institute of Technology




Harvard University




Princeton University




Imperial College London




University of Chicago




ETH Zurich – Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich




University of Pennsylvania


Pressure to create diamonds

The fierce competition for quality and investment in education has altered the educational power of the West and a number of Asian countries are gradually warming up. There are no exact criteria to ensure an excellent university in the context of global competition. However, according to the president of New York University there are three main points that make up the world's top reputation for an institution that is:

- Urban character

Students and faculty have the opportunity to live in the diversity and vitality of the city. For faculty members, there are opportunities for research and development, and they are exposed to important cultural, intellectual and educational institutions. For students, that is a diverse internship opportunity, a living environment that connects schools and their careers.

New York City

New York City welcomes all global connections to them.

New York has made itself an important factor in the development of Silicon Valley and its influence by other places in science and technology trade. Currently New York has Google, Facebook, IBM Watson, and New York University have partnerships with all of them.

- Global outlook

Six decades ago, the University of New York opened its first overseas site, and until now the university has had undergraduate research and degree programs in Abu Dhabi and Shanghai.

University of New York

- Creativity

The university is always ready to change and pioneers in opening up its policy. The aspiring leaders will have more inventions in the course of the school's development. In 2014, New York University merged with Polytechnic University in 2014 with the goal of "restoring technical majors after 40 years of absence." They are constantly expanding their network of faculty and researchers. As a result of that effort, the university has improved its position in many prestigious university rankings.

New York University is not the only model for "pressure to make diamonds" in the school rankings. Out of the top 50, the University of California has risen 10 places to 31.

Asian paintings are not "pink"

A hot topic for this year's rankings is the rise of Asian nations. This is the first time that three Asian universities have been in the top 30 of the ranking since 2010-11. National University of Singapore increased 2 grades from 24 to 22. Peking University increased 2 grades from 29 to 27. China has seven universities in the top 200, surpassing Hong Kong.

But this picture is not pink for all Asian countries. While Korea still has four schools in the top 200, the school has dropped out. Taiwan University dropped three places to No. 198. The University of Tokyo from 39th to 46th.

University of Taiwan

Asian countries are under pressure from their own rivals in the region and in the world. China, Japan, Korea, Singapore and other countries need to strengthen their reputation and mark the world education map with stronger educational promotion strategies.

There is no absolute result

Of the 1,000 universities ranked this year, no one has excelled in the top five: methodology, teaching, research, income, international prospects.

The results show that there are seven schools of excellence, including four in the UK and one in the US: Oxford University, Cambridge University, Imperial College London, Edinburgh University, Duke University California, Johns Hopkins University. Each university meets a number of different criteria. UK universities are leading the way in teaching, research, citing and internationalization, but industry revenue is inefficient. Three US schools lead the way in teaching, research and industry revenue, but they lose their edge when it comes to international prospects.


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