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Why study in the UK?

There are many countries where dreams come true for young people, but in recent years, England has always been a more attractive destination. To speak English as a mother tongue, is there any place more ideal than England?

Let the UE experience a round of this beautiful country to understand why studying in the UK is so fascinating.

Britain has a unique culture

The population of England today is over 60 million people of different racial, religious and cultural backgrounds. England is the result of an interesting mix of international cultures and contemporary thinking, rooted in the spirit of strong identity and tradition. If you come to study and live in the UK, you will have a great variety of experiences by culture, cuisine, music, language, festivals, museums, transportation, people and lands. pretty. Wherever you come from, you can also soon integrate into the British culture because the people here are friendly, highly internationalized.

The world's leading education system

 He is a nation of top quality education in the world. Although the area is not large, it possesses a high concentration of quality universities and colleges. Every year, those prestigious universities are doing their best to keep their place in the educational rankings. Currently, more than 800,000 foreign students are studying in the UK. That creates many opportunities for choosing schools and disciplines for international students.

With a history of nearly 800 years, British education has influenced education around the world. They focus on the method and practice independence, respect the creativity of students. Studying in the UK, you learn foreign languages, learn to think new ways, get deep professional training, develop the ability to analyze and synthesize the problem. That is the knowledge, skills that employers highly appreciate.

Which university in England is the most employed after graduation?

Tuition depends on whether you are an EU citizen or not, and depends on the school and course you choose. EU students will pay tuition fees like native English students, which can reach as high as £ 9,000 per year for a bachelor's degree. As non-EU international students, tuition fees fluctuate around £ 15,000 depending on the course. Higher education fees for international students range from £ 10,000 to £ 18,000.

In addition, the course is usually shorter than other countries so the overall cost of study will be lower, so students will go to work and earn more early. The benefits and incentives that international students enjoy help reduce the cost of living in daily life. International students in the UK for a period of 6 months or more are entitled to free health insurance through national health services.

Studying abroad is a huge investment. Therefore, you and your family must plan your finances, health and thoughts. Studying in the UK is a worthwhile investment, so you can secure your own future.

UE can name some leading universities in the UK today so you can refer to:

  1. GSM London
  2. London School of Commerce (LSC)
  3. University Of The West Of Scotland
  4. London School Of Business & Finance

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