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Why do you study in the UK?

English degree is recognized and appreciated by the world. Once you have your English degree, it's a solid foundation for you to build your future, career development and the ability to create income.

English degree is recognized and appreciated by the world. Once you have your English degree, it's a solid foundation for you to build your future, career development and the ability to create income.   
universities, colleges and school in the UK to create an environment vibrant, creative and challenging environment for you to develop your potential. The quality standards set for schools in England is the world's highest standards. Universities, colleges and secondary must always prove that the course has achieved its standards. Many other countries are now trying to follow the model of the United Kingdom.

You will have the skills necessary to operate on the international market

In an economy increasingly globalized nature, everyone needs to the skills and special qualities to succeed.Employers want to hire employees who are capable of effective thinking, creativity and independence. These are key elements of the training process of the United Kingdom. The schools use a variety of teaching methods and assessment results in order to encourage students' independence and ability to grasp the course content. 
especially at the undergraduate level and postgraduate students Members are encouraged to read widely, to consider and analyze what they have read, publicly presented their views in the discussion topics and class hours. The vocational training courses are designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills to do the particular job. 
ability to use English is an important factor in the development of your future career. English is recognized as the language of trade, science, information technology and internet worldwide. Learning English in the UK, you can mix in terms native environment, living and thinking in English. 

Whatever the learning needs of you, the United Kingdom may also meet

In the United Nations He has all the three thousand educational institutions ready to receive international students. You have to choose the path through the system of education and training, combined courses meet your needs and your abilities. You can also attend some courses at your home through this kind of distance education. specialized diversity means that you can definitely find a course fit preferences , wishes and his passion. For example in the UK, you can enter from the industry majors such as computer games programming, ocean education, music technology, meteorology or underwater photography techniques, to the industry such as media design, anthropology, women's education, hospitality management industry or dance.

 UK has a vibrant culture and joyful 

UK is a multi-racial country. Thousands of families from all over the world have come to live in the UK and see this land as their homeland, creating a multi-ethnic society, ease of integration and cultural diversity. Also there are frequent on a quarter of a million international students are studying. Brits love to play in public. Theatre, music rooms, and galleries in cities and large towns, the largest sporting events to be carried out on weekends, pubs and restaurants where beer is also available.

 An ideal location calendar

 When you come to the UK is a nation of four kingdoms: England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. Each place has its own history, unique scenery and culture of his contemporary.  Due to geographical location so close together that it's easy to learn the country's. The network of air, rail, bus and city bus length will take you to anywhere you want to in the UK, so you do not need a separate car as in some other countries. Most of the public transport vehicles are available to students at special prices. If you wish to visit other European countries is easy. Strait Tunnel, low cost flights and convenient ferry boat makes you feel you're never too far away from the big city, the capital of the European countries. The proximity to other European countries enabling many institutions of VQA job placement and training combined in the student's country. 

Costs are not expensive as you may think

Bachelor course in UK He only has three years and master's courses only one year - compared to other countries may take up to four years of undergraduate and two-year master's.So you can save a lot of tuition and living expenses, and may be employed for income sooner. Bachelor course in the UK less than other countries because it is more focused course, so it is a more effective investment of time and your money. health care for life International students are not losing money. You are entitled to national health services for medical, prescription drug discounts, dental and optometry.  train facilities provided thousands of scholarships for international students. Every year over 21 thousand international students receive scholarships from the UK government.  Due to changes in regulations, international students in the UK are now allowed to work a maximum of 20 hours per week during the period school, and are allowed to do all day during school holidays. 

Welcome you warmly

 UK has always welcomed international students to study in the past several generations. We are more interested in the experience of your needs, and will help you right from the applicant for admission, and during your time in the UK education. , for example the British Council in Vietnam will play choosing a school for your advice, helping you to study procedures. Agencies receiving undergraduate admissions at universities and colleges (UCAS) will be registered with many educational institutions immediately. You can enroll through the Internet, if you want. many training facilities from the airport to welcome you and ensure your accommodation for the first year. You will receive assistance from the international relations department and the International Student Association. You also participate in regular social activities, help in the learning process and in everyday life. Thanks to the education system that the UK is very efficient operation: The UK has a dropout rate (students leave the country before the end of the course) the lowest worldwide.