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Western Sydney University – A quality university with ideal tuition scales

Choose to study at Western Sydney University, Australia to be learnt in the best education quality with attractive tuition scales.

Choose to study at Western Sydney University, Australia to be learnt in the best education quality with attractive tuition scales.

Being a metropolis of New South Wales State, Sydney is a multicultural city which possesses many beautiful beaches with famous architectural constructions such as: Opera Sydney House, Harbor Bridge, etc. Sydney is not only an old city but also the biggest center of finance and culture in Australia with a “dramatically faster” development speed.

Not stop there, Sydney is also well known with a position in list of famous and long lasting universities in Australia. Therefore, you will have many choices once you have a wish to study overseas in Sydney. However, beside of quality in teaching, one of important elements, which affect choosing a suitable university, is tuition scale. As we know, group of reputed universities Group of Eight – Go8 in Australia has a high tuition fee from AUD 28,000 – 35,000/year whereas other schools are just from AUD 25,000-28,000/year. These are nearly high scale of fee.  So, which is a convenient way for students who have medium finance with wishes to study at active environment as Sydney?

Western Sydney University will be an ideal hint for you. Once studying abroad here, you just only pay AUD 22,000 to AUD 26,000 per year. This is a higher competitive tuition scale than scales abovementioned. In addition, Western Sydney University is also ranked in a group of prioritize universities in Australia, which are not required to demonstrate finance in applying student visas. That is the first highlighted advantage which you will receive once enrolling in this school.

With a great history from the 1891, Western Sydney is one of the largest universities of this city. School proud of owning hundreds of study and training curriculums to college preparation programs including from English Language (ELICOS), University Foundation (Foundation) and Colleges (Diploma) to the programs of BSc (Bachelor) , postgraduate (Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma, Masters, PhD); are aiming to "bring knowledge to life" through a combination of teaching associated with the practice; along with a team of over 3,000 staff - experienced faculty; University of Western Sydney is appreciated for  international standards of strength in researching and teaching.

Moreover, Vietnamese community at Sydney is very crowded and friendly as well as Western Sydney University is also attracting so many Vietnamese students to come to study more and more. Therefore, Vietnamese students will have many conveniences to live and study here.

Being proud as a main representative of Western Sydney University in Vietnam, Mr. Nguyen Xuan Thoi – Chairman of UE visited school in recent days. Hoping for this visit, the cooperation between UE and Western Sydney University will be more durable. Click here and view more photos: http://www.duhocue.edu.vn/mr-nguyen-xuan-thoi-ue-chairman-has-meeting-with-western-sydney-university.html

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