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West Texas A & M University: A high quality, affordable training program

The University of West Texas A & M is one of the highlights of an oasis with green trees and large shade trees. Located in the beautiful and peaceful town of Texas ... The climate is mild, dry and sunny all year round but cool and pleasant in the evening.

The College is a member of the Texas A & M University System, one of the three largest and most respected Texas universities.

The university currently has about 10,000 students, including thousands of international students from more than 40 countries around the world, 500 faculty members, 61 undergraduate programs and 41 graduate programs.

The class size is 22 students. Extremely vibrant student life with more than 120 student organizations, creating a wealth of academic and recreational support.

The reason students choose to study at West Texas A & M University

- West Texas A & M is a major public university, part of the Texas A & M University system. High quality training programs, input requirements are not too difficult, reasonable cost is the strength of the school attracts a lot of students. Many scholarships opportunities.

- Undergraduate and Masters programs do not require a TOEFL certificate. Students who do not have this grade will receive an English course at the school provided by ESLI. Upon completion of the advanced degree, students will be transferred straight to the University or Masters.

- Students are eligible for GMAT / GRE or SAT credit at the time of application. Students can add these points after completing the English course at the school.

- The dormitory is located on the campus, facilitating and safe for students to study.

- The school's training fields are recognized by many prestigious organizations such as the American Association of Business Schools, the Applied Science Appraisal Council (ASAC), the Technical Assessment Board ( ABET) and many others.

- West Texas A & M is one of the leading providers of distance learning courses. The college offers online classes of three bachelor's degree programs and two master's programs that can be completed entirely online.

- GetEducated.com ranks the online MBA program of the University of West Texas A & M Grade 3 across the nation.


- West Taxas A & M is home to many green trees, shady trees. It takes about 150 miles to the cities of Colorado, Oklahoma, Kansas and New Mexico. The area is home to cultural attractions in the area of ​​typical library and museums, educational resources and artwork. many benefits.

- West Taxas students enjoy 264 days of sunshine, dry tropical climate, hot and humid. Summer temperatures up to 90s, but cooler by 3,500 feet above sea level. Winter temperatures averaging nearly 50o F.

- West Texas A & M University is located on a 55-acre (550,000 square meter) campus, featuring many buidling, a pedestrian center with marble sculptures and a sports complex.

- West Texas A & M University also has strong sports teams (most notably the American football team "The Buffs") and has its own stadium called The Kimbrough Memorial Stadium.










The media

Computer Information System

Computer science

Economy & Finance


Civil engineering

Mechanical engineer


Technology engineer

Environmental engineering



Environmental science.


Technical technology

Business Administration (MBA)

Economy & Finance

The media

Health care management

Computer science


Health Care Management (MBA)



West Texas A & M University is one of 20 US universities will attend the USA Scholarships Fair in October 2017. Ho Chi Minh.

USA Scholarships Fair  will take place at 15h - 18h Saturday, 21st October 2017 at REX SAI GON HOTEL (141 Nguyen Hue, Ben Nghe, District 1, Ho Chi Minh)

UE and ISN Expo co-hosting the event.

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