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Visit 8 Top universities in Australia

In Australia, there is a consortium of top universities called Go8. Go8 members are eight universities located in the six busiest cities.

The union meets once every five years, the president of the association will be held by the principals of the rotating schools. The goal of the alliance is to foster strong, comprehensive research.

Each year the Australian government spends about 70% of its education budget on Go8 schools. You will be surprised to learn that each year, the top 8 universities dig more than 60% of doctors, 63% of doctors, 66% of dentists, 50% of scientists, 40% of skilled engineers. high.
The Go8 team trains over 150 majors, with majors in psychology, engineering, medicine. Most Go8 faculty members have either won Nobel Prizes or are well-known scientists with a high level of applied research. In addition, the school libraries in the group are linked to each other, if you become a student of Go8, you will have the opportunity to access a huge store of knowledge.

The Australian Government is especially privileged to Go8 students seeking visa extensions if they find a job in Australia after graduation.

List of 8 universities in the Go8 group:


Established year



Top majors


Australian National University








University of Melbourne





Social science

Arts and Humanities



University of Sydney






Veterinary science



University of Queensland





Community development

Behavioral science


University of New South Wales




 Renewable energy

Information Technology


Monash University




Economics and business

Financial accountant




University of Western Australia







Computers and math




University of Adelaide








Earth science
Art and writing
Information Technology
Computer science

1. Australian National University

The Australian National University (ANU), founded in 1946, is located in Canberra, one of the most well-known universities for excellent management and training.

The campus has a total of 15,000 student campuses, including some 4,000 international students. The most studied subjects are marine sciences, law, politics, languages, etc.

  2. University of Melbourne

The University of Melbourne was established in 1853 as the top university among the eight research universities in Australia. The school has the most modern facilities and teaching facilities with more than 100 facilities and research centers.

At present, the school has 36,000 students enrolled. Each year attracts large numbers of international students enrolled in such areas as urban planning, economics, architecture, music, health sciences, etc.

3. University of Sydney
Founded in 1851, the University of Sydney is one of Australia's oldest historic schools. There are about 50,000 students from 152 countries in the world.


This is the most multidisciplinary school in Go8, with 1,088 choices from previous, undergraduate and graduate levels. Students can study in areas such as education, social work, agriculture, architecture, design, finance, business, food, ..
4. University of Queensland

University of Queensland (UQ), founded in 1910, in Brisbane, Australia. UQ is one of the top 50 universities in the world. Currently, UQ has more than 41,000 students taking 4,000 courses with majors in arts, business, tourism, information technology, law, agriculture, veterinary science, ..

The University of Queensland has seven libraries, containing enormous amounts of books for students to study. The school also has many other amenities such as football pitch, swimming pool, gym, ..
5. University of New South Wales

Located in the city of Sydney, the University of New South Wales was born in 1949 with strengths in renewable energy training, digital engineering, nanotechnology, and social studies.

40,000 students enrolled in the school receive support services from the International Student Development Organization and participate in career development programs to gain the skills and experience they need to work well. industry. Therefore, students of the University of New South Wales are the companies most sought.

6. Monash University
In the Go8 group, the number of students at Monash University is the largest with 70,000. The number of international students is about 15,000.

The College boasts a diverse program of 600 courses for 10 majors including arts and design, business and economics, education, information technology, law, medicine, medicine, science, art.
By 2015, economics and business is the department with the most students enrolled. In 2016, Monash University is among the top 50 universities in the world for training in accounting and finance, engineering, chemistry, law, and health.

7. University of Western Australia
Situated in the beautiful city of Perth on the Swan River, the University of Western Australia ranks second in Australia for the quality of undergraduate courses. The school has a unique architecture from the lecture hall to the campus, from the cafeteria to the library. Another special thing is that on campus there are theaters, cinemas, museums, stadiums and a library of millions of titles.

Must say a little bit about Perth. Perth is one of the 7 most deserving cities in the world, offering many incentives to international students. National students are entitled to a 40% discount on public transport and other social welfare benefits and may apply to stay after graduation.
There are about 20,000 students studying the majors. In which the spearhead industries are the life science and agriculture, the majors of the earth, maritime science, agriculture and forestry.

8. University of Adelaide
The University of Adelaide was established in 1874 in southern Australia. Currently there are 22,000 students, including about 6,000 international students. The school has five main campuses, including North Terrace, Roseworthy College Roseworthy, Waite Institute in Urrbrae, Thebarton, and the National Wine Center at Adelaide Park Land.

The school has special strengths in training in information technology, biology, humanities, earth sciences, art and writing, mathematics, and computer science, physics and chemistry, and commune science. Assembly and behavior. With 400 undergraduate and graduate programs taught by excellent faculty, students are equipped with a wealth of knowledge along with the most practical skills.

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