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Using a bank card in New Zealand, what should students care?

In order to facilitate daily living expenses while studying in New Zealand, any international student will need to set up a local bank account. So what is the point of opening an account in this country?

1. Choose ATM Cirrus or Plus

The two largest ATM systems in the world are CIRRUS of MasterCard and PLUS of Visa, which allows credit institutions and bank cards to connect with each other, thereby creating a network spread across the world.

You will be able to make transactions with thousands of ATMs across New Zealand if your card is connected to one of these ATM systems. However, CIRRUS can be flexibly used with many types of ATM cards, while the PLUS system is only available in Australia New Zealand - ANZ.

2. International student bank account

In a nutshell, international student bank accounts provide you with services similar to your Student Bank Account along with specific privileges. For example, you can store your currency as you wish if you have an international student account at Westpac, while some other banks like ANZ or Kiwibank allow you to talk to staff who speak the language. Like you.

3. Distinguish Student's bank account and Current account

With Current Account, you can safely deposit money into your bank and use your account at any time. You can use it to buy food, pay bills or eat outside because this card is designed for customers to use every day. Normally, you will receive an additional debit card, which is used by New Zealanders for most of the transaction throughout the country.

The Student Bank Account has many unique benefits for each bank because it is designed for students. This account has a general privilege that customers will not need to pay for extra services or any other transaction.

4. Choose the bank that suits your needs and needs

Each bank will have a few characteristics that are appropriate for you, so it is important that you choose which bank to set up your account. Australia New Zealand Bank is currently the largest ATM bank in the country, and you can easily create an account before you go to study at ANZ Bank with a branch in Vietnam.

In addition, Kiwibank Bank will be the best option for international students studying in the city, as Kiwibank is a direct manager of New Zealand Post Office so you can trade anywhere in Kiwibank. Have a post office.

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