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Visa interview

Learn about I-20 and US visa categories

The United States has long been a favorite choice for international students because of the high quality of education and the diversity of their programs. In addition to preparing you for academic, financial, English proficiency, you will need to prepare the necessary paperwork. First of all, learn about the I-20 and the types of US student visas during the preparation of your application offline!

Guide to interview USA visitor visa

Although open and open more than before, the visa interview round is still considered the "barrier" of the largest Vietnamese tourists to enter the United States. Not only the cases do not qualify for entry into the United States as young, single, white passports (not externally) ... difficult to get a visa even if the owner of the lake The most perfect is also at risk of being dropped when interviewed for the first time.

Types of visas and settlements you need to know!

For family members of US Citizens and Permanent Residents, there will also be exclusive visas. However, the number of Visa passes for these types is limited every year. The file is processed based on the date of filing at the US Department of Immigration. File opening date is called priority date.

Requirements and benefits of VISA L-1 in USA

Visa L-1 is a non-immigrant visa for foreign businessmen who wish to invest in the United States. Visa applicants for this case are managers or executives in Vietnam who wish to go to the United States to administer and operate a business in the United States.

U.S. Visa tighter

According to the Advisory Board of the United Education study in America - a U.S. consulting study confirmed that: After the sale of Visa Consulate officials at Visa USA, the U.S. has been a lot tighter than before . To obtain U.S. student visa at the moment is very difficult. These visas are required to check more thoroughly before and also more demanding.

Strengthen inspection records of student visa in the U.S.

Students have 30 days to re-enroll before being forced to leave the country. But this time only applies to the remaining students in the United States. Those who are not named in the list of students not return after leaving