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Sharing experiences

Things that study abroad will teach you

The life of an international student will have a memorable experience. And probably not the only ones, most other students realize that it is the study abroad that has brought you many good lessons about this life.

International students: 4 tips for a healthy life

Going to study abroad, which many people have never been away from the family real fruit is not a simple problem. And to live in the land of people in the most healthy way, you have to train yourself good habits, both physical and mental. This article will help international students or even those who are about to embark on a path of study that will lead to a healthy lifestyle for international students.

Study abroad happy or suffering?

This is a true story from a fellow student sent to UE to express his heart. If you are an international student and read this share, I hope to help you share that feeling of pressure.

Study overseas - make more friends and get more happier

It means that you will come to a new horizon, a new life, a new school, a new culture, and especially new friends. But making friends with foreigners while studying abroad is a problem that makes international students anxious.

Experiences for a successful US student visa interview

According to annual statistics, the number of students decide to study in the US always occupy a large number compared to studying in other countries. The United States has always been one of the world's leading education institutions, with many famous universities such as Stanford University, the California Institute of Technology, Harvard University ...

The benefits of studying early in the high school

If you have decided to send your child abroad, parents should not ignore the following article. With the current trend, high school education is becoming more popular and useful, why?

To study in the US, what should parents prepare for their children? (Part 2)

In addition to the highlights I mentioned in the previous article, this time I will talk about the more difficult elements to see in a decision to study abroad. If there is a learning plan, a foreign language, financial conditions, and less relationships, then the following factors will be sufficient for you or your parents to prepare for. Children before a decision to study.

To study in the US, what should parents prepare for their children?

That seems to be the concern of many parents and most young people are planning to realize the dream of studying in the United States. As promised, and also to answer the questions of many inbox you ask, today I share the important issues you need to prepare when planning to study in the United States.

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