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Things that will surprise you when studying in the US!

Studying in the US is a great experience for your energetic youth. In addition to being educated in the leading educational environment, the following things take place in this great power that will make you feel so amazing and amazing. Study and get familiar with UE study abroad!

Choose a suitable school for your study abroad

Studying is not easy and not cheap. So do not choose a career because everyone is learning, do not choose a school because there are too many referrals, and do not study abroad because all friends have gone abroad. Be sure to choose the appropriate school for you to complete your study abroad.

How will you live when you study at New York Polytechnical University

Vietnam is half way around the world, the United States is a multi-ethnic country with a rich and diverse mass culture and life. Inheriting that factor, along with being located in New York, the world's most modern and thriving center, the SUNY Poly will provide international students with a culture of excellence. Live with the most interesting and unique in the world.

How much does it cost to study in the US?

Studying in the US will certainly be a dream of many young people, especially young people have bright expectations for their future career because there are many outstanding and successful achievements in the capital. The body is the students in the country flag flowers.

Study in USA: Discover the beautiful of San Antonio City

The first trip in America, I spent time exploring the two beautiful cities of Texas is the capital of Austin and San Antonio. Last time I was introduced to Austin's stubborn charms, now it's San Antonio turn to the throne offline!

Overseas students and green card

At times, while still in Vietnam, listening to a glimpse of some people used to talk "paperwork" something of the child is an American student, I was curious too. I do not know what to do and what to do. Also thought in the beginning is probably paperwork involved in staying in America but do not know how it.

How to choose clothes for Vietnamese students in the US?

Starting this title, I've been thinking for a long time. Yesterday when picking clothes from the dryer, I told my roommate to go shopping to buy some clothes because the clothes brought here in Vietnam are so fast, my new friend said "yeah, clothes Vietnam can not stand washing machine here "...

Study abroad: First time writing about love

Her eyes were swollen. Maybe she was crying last night. He does not look straight into my eyes as if to hide his swollen eyes. And you finally message me: "You said goodbye to him last night then you ..."

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