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Study abroad safely with Annalink

ANNALINK is an enterprise specializing in investment in education communications, established in March 2011. With many years of experience in the field of education and deep understanding of the needs of students, want to study abroad.

Career path when studying PhD

The PhD * countries are the dream of many Vietnamese students. Some of you get a scholarship to study so happy not to find out how the road ahead? How will the career path be when you graduate?

Irma, hurricane prepared to 'submerge' the United States

Hurricane Harvey just temporarily, leaving heavy damage utopia, the United States has prepared for a new hurricane more dangerous than the "Hurricane Irma" the strongest storm ever recorded in the Atlantic , killing at least three people and destroying much of the Caribbean.

Work in the United States with a Vietnamese degree

Not everyone comes to the United States to study and then enter the labor market with a US qualification. So if you come to the United States with a degree abroad (Vietnam, for example), can you find a professional job? Or can you even find a job in the United States from abroad?

Important factors for you to study art

Ed Schoenberg (Admittance Admissions Chair) at Otis College of Art and Design (USA) shares what 4P is most familiar with when enrolling in an Arts School: Passion, Preparation , Portfolio, Potential).

"You Are Welcome Here" campaign in America

After his election as president, Donald Trump issued several edicts that greatly influenced the lives and learning of immigrants in the United States. Many international students are concerned about applying for a visa extension and applying for entry into the United States. Recognizing this situation, many universities in the United States launched the "You are welcome here" campaign to reassure the student body and to tell the international community that the United States is always expanding its wings. The door welcomes you.

Studying in the USA: Homesick

Sometimes startled because today he is standing on a strange land, where people called paradise, is the lavish place of the world ... America!

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