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USA scholarships

College of Central Florida Scholarship

CF Scholarships are administered by the Office of Financial Aid. There are a limited number of scholarships available each year. Awards are based on financial need, scholastic achievement and/or demonstrated skills. Scholarships will be awarded until funds are depleted.

University of Arkansas - Fort Smith: Scholarship + paid internship program

UE-University of Arkansas students, Vietnam students have been studying in this school are identified as basic training programs, science. Besides, there is the campus beautiful, creating favorable conditions for students to relax and study. Dormitory of the spacious airy living costs for students everyday not too expensive as in some other places ...

Scholarships Fall 2010 Semester of the Fisher College, Massachusetts

Training: Fisher College is a training program in both 2 and 4 years.

- About 4 years of the program up to the industry such as Fashion Merchandising, Health Care Management, Hospitality and Tourism, Human Resource Management, Marketing, Public Administration.

- About 2 year program includes industries such as: Business Administration, Business Administration - Accounting, Computer Technology, Criminal Justice, Fashion Design, FGeneral Studies, Health Sciences, Hospitality and Tourism.

ELS Group Scholarship 2012

UE - ELS English Group systematic English teaching center in the largest campus in the world with over 45 facilities in the United States. Over the past 45 years, ELS has helped hundreds of thousands of students from 140 countries around the world learn English with improved method makes language learning easy, fast and exciting.

Rare scholarship sports industry

UE - At the prestigious SPICE Cup tournament recently in the U.S., though not protect players, but the championship is still Le Quang Liem Webster University, a university with a long history in the United States, awarded a full scholarship to go to U.S. study.

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