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University Of Sydney

Founded in 1850, University of Sydney is the Australia’s first one. It is continuously ranked in the top 40 of the most prestigious and reputable university all over the world and in the top 4 of Australia.

Founded in 1850, University of Sydney is the Australia’s first one. It is continuously ranked in the top 40 of the most prestigious and reputable university all over the world and in the top 4 of Australia. University of Sydney provides more than 900 disciplines with variety of very interesting and preferred ones in Australia and in the world such as: Commerce, Economics, Finance, Tourism, Law, Information Technology….Graduates from University of Sydney  are always welcomed from the employers with the highest salary in Australia.


1/ Outstanding statistics of University of Sydney:

• University with the largest number of alumni as Prime Ministers: University of Sydney has trained 6 of 28 Australian Prime Ministers, including Prime Minister- Tony Abbott;
• University with a lot of the richest alumni: University of Sydney ranks 5th all over the world with the graduates possessing the personal property of more than 30 million dollars;
• University with many students as the successful businessmen: James Wolfensohn- Former President of World Bank, Robert May- President of Royal Society, Prof. Bob May- Leading British scientist, John Cornforth- is awarded Nobel prize in Chemistry, Dr. John Harsanyi- is awarded Nobel prize in Economics, Dr. Paul Scully Power- NASA astronaut, Jane Campion- Film director…
• University with the most beautiful campus in the world: University of Sydney is ranked in the top 10 of universities with the beautiful campus by Daily Telegraph, The Huffington Post and Disney Pixar.

2/ Why choose University of Sydney:

• Is ranked 3rd in Australia and 38th in the world (In the QS World University Rankings and Times Higher Education Australian Universities rankings 2013-2014);
• 2/3 disciplines- subjects are ranked in top 100 of the best institutions in the world;
• University of Sydney also provides dual degree programs (Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees) to help economize the expenses, time and opportunity to find a good job;
• Highest rate of employable graduates within 6 months in Australia;
• Nearly 100% students are pleased with University of Sydney where they have studied or are studying.
• Is a university which continuously develops and has many research, investment plans and other support programs for international students;
• Is located in the center of Sydney city- a dynamic city which is convenient for transport, studying, daily life and taking part-time job;
• Graduates are allowed to work in 2-4 years according to the law of Australian Government and are settled when satisfying the conditions.

3/ Disciplines:

University of Sydney has the following faculties and you can choose 1-2 programs from these faculties:

• Agriculture and environment;
• Architecture, design and planning;
• Social sciences and humanities (economics, arts, communication, languages, cultures, history, philosophy, social and politic sciences);
• Business (accounting, business analytics, business administration, business law, finance, international business, marketing, organization and leadership studies, transport and logistics studies…..);
• Dentistry;
• Education and social work;
• Mechanics (airplane, aerospace, machinery, electricity, chemistry, information technologies);
• Health sciences (psychology, sport, medical imaging, treatment, health advisory…);
• Law;
• Medicine (research on addiction medicine, anesthesia, anatomy and histology, child health, biomedicine, brain and mind, ear-nose-throat, emergency medicine, genetic medicine, X-ray, intensive care treatment, gene, cell, pharmacology, psychology, surgery….);
• Nursing and midwifery;
• Pharmacy;
• Science (biomedical, chemical, geological, mathematics and statistics, physical, psychological…);
• Arts (Music, performance…);
• Veterinary science;

4/ Intake requirements:

- Foundation program: Completing 11th or 12th grade with IELTS 5.0
Students who finish 11th or 12th grade with English level of IELTS 5.0 have an opportunity to study foundation program at University of Sydney. It is a special program tested by University of Sydney which allows the students to complete this program to ensure the admission to the bachelor program at university.
Foundation program of University of Sydney is taught at Taylors College Sydney. Taylors College is prestigious with over 87 years of operation, specializing in training international students for the admission to the top Australian universities. Taylors College’s campuses are also located in Melbourne and Perth.
- Undergraduate: Completed 12th grade & IELTS 6.0
- Master’s program: Graduated from university and IELTS 6.5, some disciplines of management: IELTS 7.0

5/ Study expenses:

- Tuition fee AUD $15.000 – 26.000/year (based on each discipline)
Especially, scholarships for international students are always available, about AUD $ 9.600 /semester.
- Accommodation expense: AUD$ 280 / week