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University Of Otago, New Zealand

University Of Otago, New Zealand.


   Otago University founded in 1869, is the oldest university in New Zealand. University of Otago University is also ranked highest in terms of quality research and teaching, providing a variety of training and postgraduate university in New Zealand (as a result of assessing the quality of research research 2006). School stood in the list of 100 universities worldwide reputation by The Times Higher Education Supplement poll. The outstanding reputation for teaching and research field has attracted many members of the elite come from everywhere in New Zealand and overseas.

   University of Otago has many research networks and extensive student exchange with the leading universities in Asia, Europe and America.


   University's main campus is located in the city of Dunedin, a city of culture and knowledge in southern New Zealand majestic landscapes (population of about 121,000 people). It brings the outdoor recreational activities and opportunities for research investigating the great outdoors. The students Accommodation in the school dormitory or house for rent located close to amenities and city universities. This environment creates a vibrant student life to the well-known network for the University of Otago. School attracted a majority of students come from other places outside the city of Dunedin (75% of students at the school come from other places outside the city of Dunedin).

   University of Otago has representatives all over the country with the School of Medicine and Health Sciences in the city of Christchurch and Wellington two.


Language Center at the University

   Founded in 1991, the Language Centre at the University of Otago online leader in English language teaching, giving the English training program to prepare for the Foundation, the University or high school, and to communicate more common. Students of the heart come from many countries around the world such as Hong Kong, Vietnam, Thailand, Germany, Oman, Saudi Arabia, China, Japan, Korea, South America and neighboring New Zealand. The University offers 4 courses including 22.5 hours a week, self-study activities with class size is 15 students. Qualifications to be taught include: Elementary, Pre-Intermediate, Upper Intermediate, Advanced (English for Academic Purposes, English for Otago).

   Language Centre is a registered center hosted the IELTS, TOEFL, TOEIC. The students at the center are allowed access to most of the services and facilities of the school. Each student enrolled at the University of Otago will provide student card, allowing a discount when purchasing the product, the service, recreation or tourism. Education professional, enthusiastic staff, modern facilities, with international centers makes the University of Otago Foreign language- become the No.1 choice for English courses.

University Preparation Program

   College preparatory program lasts eight months for those students who need to improve their English skills and cultural knowledge to prepare before starting university programs. Certified Pre-University University of Otago granted by the international certification allows students to participate in any university of New Zealand, most of the universities of Australia, a number of British universities , USA, and Canada. Every year 89% of students graduate college preparatory courses are accepted to college. University Preparation Program is taught at the campus of the school and the students have access to most of the services and facilities of the school. The enrollment period January 2, 6 and 10.

   Lock the Foundation has specialized in: Medical, Dental, Pharmacy, Science biometrics, Marketing, Accounting, Finance, International Trade, innovative research, Environmental Management, Electronics and Telecommunications , technology Molecular Biology, ... international students can fully meet the requirements to participate in courses in the fields of health sciences at the University of Otago.

The University and Higher Education

   The strength of Otago's medical education, biomedical, health sciences, computer science and information, natural sciences and physics, the study of business includes travel, social sciences and humanities. Research strengths include the following: biological sciences, environmental sciences, psychology, geology, marketing, economics, physical therapy, history, philosophy, and law. In Otago, teaching associated research so most are teaching by leading academics in charge.

   The curriculum high school diploma, master’s and doctoral given abundant in many disciplines. Training Program Master of Business Administration MBA is ranked 100 on the list by The Economics Times and The Financial Times elected Economics EQUIS Otago has been certified and is a member of PIM reputation system; file the training of leading economists.

Otago University offers bachelor courses with diverse subjects. There is also the double degree programs, honors, graduate degree, Program include:

- Economy and Trade
- Health Sciences
- Humanities
- Natural Sciences

   The curriculum at the university level are given in a number of specialized



  • School organized two main semesters and a summer semester.
  • Semester runs from late February to late June.
  • Semester two starts early July to mid-November.
  • Summer Semester starting early January to late February.
  • Most students begin their studies in any one semester.


   Most students are in Otago Accommodation near campus and key facilities such as lecture halls, the library and the computer room of the school.
Many students are college Accommodation in one of the twelve dorms with full catering or three meals a day in the dorm Toroa allowed to cook in the first year of enrollment. In addition, Abey dorm accommodation provider package for high school students. All dormitory are a resident curator to ensure a safe and happy for the students to stay. After a year of study, students move out of the apartment rent inn. To phoDunedinco many rental housing throughout.

   Cost of living: around 11060-11860 NZ $ (6194 - $ 6.642US) / person / year, depending on the type of accommodation that students hired (costs included in the room rate, food, travel, video location, insurance ...)