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University of Amsterdam, a school worth studying in the Netherlands

It is no coincidence that Amsterdam is considered the 5th most worthy city in the world, one of the safest and safest cities. Amsterdam is the financial and cultural capital of the Netherlands, with seven of the world's top 500 companies, including Philips and ING, based in the city.

The Amsterdam Stock Exchange, the oldest stock exchange in the world, is located in the heart of the city. Amsterdam's main attractions include the historical canals, the Rijksmuseum, the Van Gogh Museum, the Hermitage Amsterdam, the Anne Frank House, the De Lantern Wall, which attracts more than 3.66 million international visitors each year. And especially the Dutch are friendly, friendly and always help people. Who ever comes, will love the Netherlands and Amsterdam not to mention the rain or the sun, not to mention spring blooming flowers or cold winter. In spite of the circumstances, Amsterdam is still beautifully enthralled by humanity, by culture and society, and especially by the Dutch education.

Amsterdam is a modern university with a long history, located in the center of Amsterdam, which is no less romantic. The school is ranked seventh in terms of teaching quality in the world. In addition, the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences is one of the largest universities in the Netherlands. The school has modern facilities, full facilities with library facilities, restaurants at the school, and very close to the entertainment, museums or famous tourist streets. In particular, the University of Amsterdam also assists, ensuring a suitable home for students. It is worth noting that the school has a world-class research and teaching center and is focused on helping students think independently and comprehensively.


ONCAMPUS AMSTERDAM is a CEG Foundation Foundation program at the University of Amsterdam in the Netherlands. The course offers the opportunity to study for a bachelor's degree related to subjects such as Business, Politics, Psychology, Law or Statistics. Oncampus Amsterdam is located on the campus of the University of Amsterdam - the school's top 50 best schools in the world. CEG is the only partner of the university, offering a foundation program at the University of Amsterdam. The curriculum is designed in a comprehensive manner, including English and specialized subjects, with a total of 26 hours per week to help students prepare well and meet the high requirements of the Bachelor's program at the University. Amsterdam or Amsterdam University of Applied science (AUAS). Students are checked regularly and always receive feedback from teachers and tutors to ensure that the goals are met.

ONCAMPUS Amsterdam has been attracting students from many different countries and cultures. As a result, students' English proficiency improves and you can truly experience a superior international environment. CEG ensures that students after completing the foundation course will advance their bachelor's degree at the University of Amsterdam. CEG supports students enthusiastically during the preparation of their undergraduate program at Oncampus Amsterdam.

ONCAMPUS Amsterdam students will receive a University of Amsterdam student card and can use equipment, join clubs and activities for students of the University. That student card will continue to be used when you become a student at the University of Amsterdam.

In addition, students have the opportunity to work part-time, participate in student exchange programs as students. After graduation, students have the opportunity to work and settle.

With high rankings, tuition and fees for studying at the University of Amsterdam are half the price, or just one-third of the same rankings in other countries such as England, Australia or the US. ONCAMPUS Amsterdam will ensure that students enter the following disciplines at the University after completion of the program at ONCAMPUS Amsterdam:

Business Administration
Business and Economics
Bachelor of Politics, Psychology, Law and Economics (PPLE-Politics, Psychology, Law and Economics)
Actuatial Science
Operational Research and Economics (Econometrics and Operation Research)
In Year 3 of the University, students have the opportunity to practice internships, or to study one-time exchange students (among the top 100 universities in the world). This means that you can study in the UK, Australia, USA or any of the top 100 universities in the world.


2. Tuition and entry requirements:

University preparatory tuition fees: € 5,665 per semester, € 16,995 per year.

University tuition fees: from 9,000 euros to 11,000 euros per year.

Entry Requirements: Grade 12, grade point average 7.0 or above.

English: IELTS 5.0 (no skill below 4.5) or TOEFL 60, TOEFL Paper 500, TOEIC 600

Students will be required to take an entrance math test

Deposit: 2200 euros and 300 euros of registration fee.

3. Visa ONCAMPUS Amsterdam:

It is worth mentioning that applying for a visa to study in the Netherlands is very simple and the school will make visa for students. When the student deposits and is issued a CoE (Certificate of Enrollment), the school will send an email address to the student registration form and student password on the University website. Students will go to the school network, create personal information, register the dormitory if needed, and download the required school documents (translations marked with red marks by the translator) for review by the school. Then the school asked to send hard copies of papers to them to make a visa. Upon completion of the school, students and students will be directed to the embassy or consulate of the Netherlands in Vietnam for visa visas. This process takes about 3 to 4 weeks. And students need a personal credit card or a relative to pay online if they are signing up for a dorm and buying insurance.

Required documents when making a visa:

  • Passport photo all pages
  • AON health insurance certificate
  • Equivalent savings book: 10800 euros (900 euros * 12 months)
  • Visa fee of 325 euros
  • All you need to do is translate the student's papers and stamp the translation, always check the mailbox and wait for the school letter and follow the instructions in the letter. So far, no student has slipped his visa when he applied to study at ONCAMPUS Amsterdam.

Visa for students is a four-year visa if you study a research university (one year undergraduate and three years of college) or five years if you study the application (1 year and four years). Student visas will automatically renew for one year at the end of the course for students to find a job.

4. Housing and employment:

The school offers two types of accommodation: student residence (350 euro - 550 euros / month) and student hotel (600 euro - 900 euros / month). Details of these options will be indicated in the Student Letter and on the student administration website.

You are completely assured that the Netherlands always encourages people to stay and work and settle so it is very convenient for students. The first is a one-year visa at the end of the course for students to find a job. In that year, if you find a job with a salary of 27,300 euros a year, the student will be allowed to work 5 years later. Settled in the Netherlands. Secondly, the University has a network of affiliated companies and partners that are very broad in arranging internships when students are in the 3rd year of college and arrange jobs when they graduate. In addition, the school's SEFA organizes activities that bridge the gap between students and businesses.

With the specific and useful information about beautiful Netherlands with the modern University of Amsterdam model and the really good education that UE Study has brought, hope you will have the choice. Choose new fit for your good future.

Wish you success will come to you!

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