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University City: Brunel University London

There are many students who say that the campus of Brunel University London is like "a small university city". On the premises there is everything from theaters, hotels, supermarkets, banks, cafes, restaurants, libraries, free internet to the most modern services.

About 15,000 students in Brunel will experience a comfortable, comfortable life in the heart of London's crowded capital of the world.

Is it enough for you to choose Brunel University London as your UK study destination?


Brunel educates students who are ready for work

Our training programs focus on the skills and experience that any recruiter desires. You will be instructed to apply everything you learn to practice. Brunel students can confidently "step out of the crowd" of self-assertion and are always ready to become part of the international community.

The starting salary for a graduate student at the school is one of the most searched in the list of 25 best universities in the UK.

Great environment to study

Your intention is to go deep into academics right? Brunel is a great environment for you to carry out your intentions. You will learn from the scientific experts with impressive awards. They are the ones who inspire your passion and your research. The skills of synthesizing problem analysis, self study, presentations, teamwork and proactive research projects will be the skills you learned.

In this miniature city, all the facilities and equipment you need to research are ready to serve you.

Diverse international community

One fifth of Brunel University students are international students with over 110 different nationalities. Every year, the school organizes a "One World" festival to celebrate the diversity of the Brunel community.

As a student of the school you have the opportunity to interact with many different cultures. That gives you a multi-dimensional view of the world and many of your own problem-solving ideas.


The Student Support Center is located on the ground floor of the Howell Building, offering a range of administrative and support services for all students from admission to graduation.

- Guide to register, complete the profile, introduce the program discount travel.

- Supports financial requirements, including tuition fees, accommodation and invoices, student loan support, scholarships and scholarships.

- Provide Hardship Fund with emergency loan service.

- Help with parking permits on campus or procedures for changing vehicle registration, vehicle renewal.

- Help students open a bank account, apply for council tax exemption, etc.

- Resolving visa, employment, ...


- Aerospace Engineering

- Anthropology

- biomedical sciences

- Business

- Civil works

- The media

- Computer science

- Design

- Education

- TV

- Environmental science

- Game design

- global challenges

- History

- Newspapers

- Music

- Occupational therapy

- Politic

- Psychology

- Community health

- sports science


TUITION FEES  (year 2017-2018)



10 Units Module

15 Units Module

20 Units Module

30 Units Module


Domestic students











Foreign Students






Depending on the specialty you choose to study, you will use the table above to calculate the specific price applicable to each specialty.


If you are eligible for many scholarships, you will be awarded the highest value scholarship.


Value (per year)


Registration process

School scholarships

First year:  £1.000

3 years

No request, Brunel will automatically assess your eligibility status in the summer.

Second year: £2.000

Third year: £3.000

Leaver scholarships


3 years

No request, Brunel will automatically assess your eligibility status in the summer.

Excellent scholarship at the university level

£ 6.000

3 years


Application deadline is February 28, 2018.


City Scholarships

£ 3.000

3 years

Urban scholars may apply immediately by email, please provide your full name, date of birth, student ID number, when you attend the program and the school you attended.


Dean's Occupational Therapy Program and Dean's Physiotherapy Therapy Program (Physiotherapy)

£ 3000

3 years

International applicants will be invited to submit applications directly by the Admissions tutor and should provide a short 500 word essay to explain why you would be a great ambassador for Brunel and the career choice of friend.

College of Engineering, Design and Physical Sciences (CEDPS).

Acedemic Excellence Scholarship

£ 2.000

First year


No request, Brunel will automatically assess your eligibility status in the summer.



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Address: 21 Mai Thi Luu, Dakao Ward, District 1, HCMC​

District 1 Branch - HCMC

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Tan Phu District Branch - HCMC

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