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Unique festivals in America

America is very attractive with beautiful scenic spots such as Statue of Liberty, Center Park Central Park ... but interesting attractions of the United States are hidden in diverse cultures, including the Special festival, strange.

Extraterrestrials festivals

This is a unique festival, bringing a new creative idea is extremely daring and unique, perhaps no festival attracts tourists and curiosity of all visitors such as the Roswell Festival.

You can join in and embrace the Roswell alien festive atmosphere at Roswell, New Mexico. This festival is held on the 1st to 4th of April every year.

The festival includes talks and seminars by UFO specialists, dressed as extraterrestrial animals, and fireworks festivals on the 4th of July Independence Day will surely bring visitors to the clinic. New and interesting to discover a mysterious extraterrestrial world.

Mashed potato festival

Barnesville mashed potato festival annually attracts more than 16,000 potato fans to over 40 unique festival events including wrestling in mashed potato mash, potato peeling, potato shaping Grind, eat mashed potatoes.

Wayen Chicken Festival

The chicken fans will be transformed into chickens and participate in the world's largest chicken festival and last three days in Wayen. This special chicken festival includes many interesting activities such as the choreographed dance of the chickens, imitation of the chickens call the baby (clown) ...

Chitlin Strut Festival

Chitlin means the intestines of the pig. This is the annual cultural event of Salley, South Carolina. The festival is held for the first time to raise money for Christmas lights. It has so far preserved 48 years to honor the fried gut gut - South Carolina's traditional food for over a hundred years. This dish is indispensable in the Thanksgiving menu of local people. Main activities include a beautiful parade on dressing-up vehicles, gourmet treats, handcrafts, or piggybacking.

Cow throwing festival

Players will pick up pieces of dried cow dung and see who has the longest throw. In addition, attendees will have the opportunity to attend the festival also dance clog, musical performances, cross-country run 10km. The record for the dry cow dung competition has so far been set at 248 feet.

Fishing festival by hand

This festival is quite popular in the United States, held every year in the Pauls Valley, Oklahoma. This is a contest where people have to catch their fish by hand for 24 hours and the winner is the one who catches the biggest fish. If you use any hook or bait to catch fish, you will be disqualified for breaking the rules.

Contestants face the dangers hidden under the lake like snakes, nauticales, or snapping turtles to catch the "monsters" in the lake.

Original Festival in America

Every summer, people gather around Finger Lakes to attend a unique camp. Those who participate in this festival must sleep in a simple tent like the 1840s. Of course not dress fashion as well as use the technology products.

World Cardboard Cycling Festival

The festival is held on Greers Ferry Lake in Arkansas. The festival draws more than 4,000 people to make cartons into boats, and the Arkansas Cardinom races are excited about the competition. The competition is a 200 meter boat race. The award will be for the most elaborate cardboard boat and the Titanic survivor after running 50 yards and clashing with a large iceberg the same in Titanic.

Festival of sheep parade

The festival in Ketchum (located east of Boise, Idaho) witnesses the annual migration of sheep to the south. The biggest event is the sheep parade on Sunday, where you can follow 1,500 sheep along the main Ketchum suburb. Besides, you can watch the Sheepdog Contest, enjoy lamb steak and listen to music from the land of sheep like Peru, Poland and Basque Country. Children will be fascinated with exploring the process of producing soap and wool or doing handcrafts for Christmas.


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