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The Best 5 Books on Success

Spend more time with yourself by reading these great books. Because, here are 5 books that will change your life - Five Books That Will Change Your Life.

Reading habit of the most successful people in the world

Some of the best performers in the world have one thing in common: they are not high IQs, they are not an amazing success, but their appreciation for reading. Books are their most lucrative investment.

Study abroad in the Glasgow city, UK

Studying in England not only improves your level of expertise, but you also have the opportunity to explore every corner of this mysterious land of fog.

Make your life easier when studying abroad

Realizing the dream of going abroad to study abroad in addition to improving the knowledge, this is also the opportunity for international students to improve themselves, access to modern civilization, diverse culture in the host country.

Industrial Revolutionary Age 4.0 and Hot Topics in the UK

Industrial Revolution 4.0 is growing at a rapid pace and is changing every industry in every country. Such rapid development has brought about profound changes in the occupational structure and division of labor in the whole society.

Distinguished Diploma, Certificate and Degree

In education abroad, there are many different terms for just degrees, certificates, certifications by various levels of study, and a variety of academic programs. The following is a relative classification of the most basic degrees.

Foreign teachers how strange?

Many students studying in the US, Australia, Canada, England, New Zealand, ... have been shocked when the contact with the foreign teachers. Going from surprise to surprise, they still do not understand why lecturers have such "strange" criteria.

Choose major when study in the UK

With three universities: Oxford, Cambridge and Imperial College London consistently rank among the top 10 universities in the world at every rank, Britain has become a dream destination for many young people, including young people in Vietnam. UK education encourages students to think independently.

Study abroad safely with Annalink

ANNALINK is an enterprise specializing in investment in education communications, established in March 2011. With many years of experience in the field of education and deep understanding of the needs of students, want to study abroad.

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