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UE uniform


Uniform is one of the factors that helps facilitate the identification system of an enterprise and show its high professionalism. Therefore, the investment in uniform for all UE employees is to accomplish the mission above. UE uniform uses red as the main color.

I – Formality:

UE Ao Dai – The harmonious beauty of tradition and modernity

Vietnamese women always look more beautiful in the national traditional Ao Dai. That is the reason why the Ao Dai is one of UE’s first choices for the exclusive uniform design.


The greatest advantages that the Ao Dai uniform brings to UE female employees are the neatness, convenience, youthfulness, and activeness in appearance, but the traditional beauty is still retained. UE Ao Dai is red in color, the main color of the company which symbolizes strength, solidarity, and success. Its round collar is simplified from the traditional high collar so as to make the employees feel more comfortable. The white pants and the white line on collar and cuffs are the important highlights that help the red color look more attractive and also enhance the elegance of the entire uniform. If you come to the company on Monday and Thursday, you will see how beautiful and charming the female staff are in the Ao Dai uniform.

UE uniform – The unmistakable beauty

For the purpose of making a modern, dynamic, as well as elegant, and attractive costumefor the employees, simultaneously creating a fresh and professional appearance for the company, UE uniform is designed to have an unmistakable style.


UE female vest suit is a combination of luxury and elegance, including a white vest outside;a long-sleeved shirt with red stripes, whitecollar and cuffs inside; and a skirt in red color – the main color of UE. Besides, the lovely red scarf tied under the collar is a highlight for the entire uniform. Meanwhile, UE male employees wear long-sleeved shirt with red stripes, together with white collar and cuffsand a red tie, which is very standard and luxurious; black pants accompanied by black shoes also increase their elegance.

T-shirt uniform – Strong and young

UE employees look not only elegant, luxurious, and courteous in the office, but also strong and young in other activities while wearing the T-shirt uniform of the company, which is designed for both genders.


The red color of the T-shirt isalso the main color of the company, which symbolizes strength, solidarity, and success. UE logo is embroidered on the top left of the shirt. On every Saturday as well as in all social, outdoor and leisure activities, UE T-shirt is always the best choice for the employees. It not only helps them participate in these activities easily and actively, but also makes UE members look more attractive and instantly recognizable.

II – The meanings of the colors:

- White color: represent the elegance, courtesy, and luxury.

- Red color: the main color of UE identification system. It is associated with determination, solidarity,strength, and success.

These are always the standards that UE employees need to improve continuously: making effort and paying attention to customers’ benefits in order to establish a long-term relationship.

It can be asserted that the uniform helps the company develop its brand identification system, and above all, it demonstrates the pride and the sense of responsibility that each employee has when they put on the uniform.

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