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UE sponsors painting exhibition name Nostalgia

An annual community activity of the UE company - the first study abroad company sponsors a large-scale painting exhibition in Vietnam.

Not coming to court to understand all the ups and downs of history, but through documentaries and studies on the art of Hue royal court, painter DRAMA. TRY drew paintings full of paintings. Enough to enjoy the palace.

This is the story entitled "ROUND" sponsored by Hue Capital Preservation Center to organize the exhibition; The UEB-sponsored UEB will be opened at 7:30 am on May 18, 1977, at the Langdon School forbidden city (Hue Citadel). Though only contained in 16 works through 19 paintings, but here the artist would like to introduce and send to posterity a heritage value, which had flourished under Nguyen dynasty through painting perspective.

According to painter Dang Mau Triet, before the "ROUND" he had 10 solo exhibitions, but no exhibition has the sound of Hue. Thus, after more than a year of working on 16 compositions, it was born, although it did not cover the whole topic, but it was all an effort to send ideas through The interaction between the painting and reality is typical of royal court.

Observing his works such as: Tam (material: oil painting - size: 70.70 cm), Pi (material: oil painting - size: 70.70 cm), Nhị (material: oil painting - 70.70 cm), lace (material: oil painting - size: 70.70 cm), lacquered flower lantern (material: oil painting - size 120,120 cm), turquoise (material: oil painting - 120.120 cm), lacquer (material: oil painting - size: 100.120 cm), harmony (material: oil painting - size: 120.160 cm) Spring knot (material: oil painting - size: 120.160 cm), tortoiseshell (material: oil paint - size: 150.150 cm) Size: 150,150 cm), ... viewer can feel hidden deep in the neck The glass of the appearance of the glamorous boys is the aspiration of the heart as good as the owners of the old imperial palace of Hue.

With the desire to send the public and art lovers a message throughout the time with paintings of royal music and court dance of an ancient time, it is not easy for some to live the same period. Is also easy to enjoy. Through the exhibition "Nostalgia" author as the ancient echoes of the present to give the viewer can imagine a kind of court play art that existed in the ban on.

Source: Huedisan.com


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