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UE new logo


UE new logo design comprises of the symbol above and the slogan below in blue and red colors, and it has been registered.


- The blue color symbolizes professionalism, steadiness, and continuous growth. (Growth)

- The red color symbolizes strength, solidarity, and success.(Success)


Looking from left to right, the symbol consists of 3 parts: a blue piece that looks like letter L, and two red pieces that are inserted on the right side of the blue piece.

Overall, the symbol is a combination of the two letters U and E. UE stands for United Education and the two letters are connected by letter L (Link). Besides, that combination also represents the unity and unanimity of all UE employees.


“Success. Growth” means “Your success is our growth”. With this slogan, UE would like to send a message to customers: We will always be your conscientious companion, and your success is our long-term, strong, and sustainable development. With long-time experience, prestige, and quality services, we would like to bring you absolute satisfaction and confidence. In addition, while understanding your desire, we find that we are always responsible for rubbing shoulders with customers and pupils/students in order to achieve the goal: to conquer the peak of knowledge.


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