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Top quality business education at Adelphi University in the USA

According to a study conducted by Shorelight Education in Boston, USA, nearly 43% of Vietnamese students choose the business sector while studying in the US. One of the most highly regarded universities in business is the University of Adelphi, which is located in the famous city of New York.


The program is recognized globally

AACSB - A not-for-profit organization specializing in accrediting global business education programs has recognized Adelphi's program as prestigious and quality. Only 6% of the best business schools in the world have this certification. In addition, Adelphi is also among the top 400 best universities in the United States on the Forbes list. With over 4,000 universities in the United States, Adelphi's presence in the top 10% is indeed remarkable.


High employment rate after graduation

The internship program at Adelphi not only provides students with the skills they need before entering the "real world" but also enables them to work with companies and corporations such as IBM, Deloitte, GAP ... After the internship, most of the Adelphi students are officially admitted not only for their professional competence but also for their professionalism and ability to communicate well.

The distance to the MBA is shortened

Achieving an MBA is a dream of many business students and students from other fields. Adelphi allows non-business students to complete their undergraduate and MBA programs in just five years instead of having to wait two more years after graduating. For students who already have a bachelor's degree in business, only one more year is required to become a Master of Business Administration.

Various internship programs

Studying business in Adelphi also means that you have many opportunities to experience other cultures besides the dynamic US. The diverse Exchange Student Exchange program of Adelphi University allows students to choose one of the affiliated universities: Kingston University (UK), Paris School of Business (France) and Hanze University (Netherlands). semester. It is because of this rich cultural exchange that Adelphi students are known for their dynamism and ability to integrate into the international business environment.

Specific evidence from former school students

In a recent survey of 1,000 students studying at Adelphi, the school satisfaction rate was 3.5 / 5 from all aspects (learning, facilities, learning aids, etc.). .

Adelphi's pride comes from the excellent students who have studied business at the school. Many Adelphi alumni have become key executives in international corporations or private-owned companies such as James M. Demitrieus, chairman of Sherwood Group, Loretta V.Cangialosi President of Pfizer Inc ...



Adelphi University was founded in 1986, 45 minutes from New York City.

Adelphi brings high quality and individualized education. Over 100 undergraduate and postgraduate programs help students connect to cutting-edge learning opportunities both inside and outside the classroom. With live chats, group discussions, collaborative space and more, classes break the barriers wherever you are.

Adelphi is proud of its enthusiastic and dynamic faculty, but exciting classes are just the start. Students say that studying at Adelphi is a completely different experience - from the beautiful dormitory to the student community, academics and a network of 90,000 Panther alumni who are dedicated to helping them.


When you choose Aldephi, you will be an important member of the community who inspires your big dreams.

Adelphi University is a nationally accredited Ph.D. in academic studies with a strong and mature community. A diverse community of nearly 5,000 college students, 2,500 graduate students, and a student / faculty ratio of 10/1, which is the appropriate scale to help you get close attention. from the prestigious faculty.

With an average class size of 20 students, Adelphi provides you with personalized attention and support so you can achieve your highest academic potential. In fact, U.S. magazine News & World Report ranked Aldephi as one of the Top 15 schools to ensure student success.

Adelphi University faculty are members of the Guggenheim Fellows and Fulbright Scholarships. They receive funding from the National Art Fund and the National Institutes of Health. They are authors of Pulitzer Prize-winning books. They are also keynote speakers at conferences from Cairo, Egypt to Darwin, Australia or New York City.

Classrooms are interactive, with many discussions and exchanges of information. Instead of being present in crowded lecture halls, you will enjoy a collaborative learning environment where your voice has weight.

At Adelphi, faculty will support outside of the classroom, for example the professors will give you the advice and answers you need if you have any questions. You will be encouraged to pursue initial research, collaborate with peers and mentors to take advantage of the internship opportunities.

Students work alongside professors to find cures and write books for publication. They collaborated on Broadway stages, participated in archaeological excavations in Crete and Alaska. They come to Cuba as reporters, photographers and photographers, and are part of the global markets in London and Paris.


Aldephi has a strong commitment to international education. The International Student Services office assists with legal requirements for entry into the United States, and maintains a legal status while attending college. Immigration and Citizenship Services, Social Security, US Information Service, Internal Revenue Service. Information and advice relating to government legislation and regulations, language, customs, culture and education systems are also supported at Adelphi.

The University of Aldehyde will attend the USA Scholarships Fair in October 2017. Ho Chi Minh.

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