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Top 5 degree programs in the UK

The UK is always in the top destinations of international students in the world, including Vietnamese students. One of the advantages of studying in the UK is that it offers a wide variety of courses to meet the diverse needs of international students.

According to the statistics of the British Council Vietnam, currently there are five majors in the UK are the most interested in Vietnamese students.

1. The economics, finance, business and management

The UK is one of the leading countries in trade, having specialized strengths in banking, accounting and insurance. Many international companies, financial institutions and law firms are based in the London Special Administrative Region. With the strict requirements of the market, universities in the UK are constantly under pressure to train professionals with the knowledge and skills to easily integrate into the professional and demanding work environment. A little high. International students studying economics, finance, business and management here have many opportunities to collide with reality, they are practiced in large corporations while sitting in the chair. bare.

2. Journalism - Communication

In the UK, the media industry brings in huge revenue from music, film, web site design, print and digital publishing, video games, television advertising and production. One of the demands placed on media training is flexibility and adaptability, as the current media environment is constantly changing. Modes of application in these areas may change rapidly due to new techniques and approaches. Therefore, when studying this subject in the UK, students always have the tendency to learn continuously, constantly. This is the opportunity for you to find many job opportunities and huge income.

3. Travel - Hotel

The UK is one of the pioneers recognizing the need for education and training in the fields of tourism and hospitality. Courses on hospitality, hospitality and tourism are pre-trained, multi-level and widely available at universities. If you choose to study tourism, you can choose to manage tourism and research on tourism. If you choose to study hotels, you can choose hotel management, restaurant or baking school, as chef.
4. Technical

UK universities of technology and engineering can be considered as multidisciplinary and practical research centers. They always encourage students to research and develop applied sciences. Students are involved in the school's projects and businesses. Therefore, after graduation, students are well-trained and highly integrated with the real environment.

5. The creative arts and design

International students have long been attracted to learn creative arts in the UK, not only for world-renowned art schools, but for innovative courses here. Regardless of your interest in the field of art and design, there is definitely a course that is right for you. You can choose to study painting, sculpture, literary writing, music, fashion, dance and theater. Advanced skills and skills courses, such as stage design, media technology and art management, are common.

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