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Top 5 countries are the most attractive destinations for international students in 2018

Study abroad is a serious, long-term investment process to create a good future for young people. Therefore, choosing the right destination for you to study abroad is a necessary and elaborate work.

1. Study in Australia


Australia is one of the attractive destinations for students wishing to study. Many Vietnamese students are interested in this market because of the system

It is full of great elements of a modern education and the highest priority scholarship for international students.

Admission procedures are not too complicated, you only need transcripts and a high school diploma. IELTS score of 5.5 (for TAFE schools) and 6.0-6.5 (for undergraduate) or TOEFL 500-550 (optional).

About the cost of studying, in general, study in Australia is lower than North America and Europe. In addition to tuition fees, you need between VND 450 - 470 million per year.

2. Study in the United States

In Vietnam, studying in the US is also considered a top choice. America is famous for the number of universities and colleges in the world.

Most US universities welcome international students and provide counseling and support to help students adjust to their American lives.

Higher education institutions of the United States and the United States always place the importance of developing a program that combines the balance between solid theoretical foundation and practical work skills.


In the United States, students enrolled in Postgraduate programs have the opportunity to study and teach through research assistantships and tutorials, which help students cover the cost of studying. American universities are proud of being at the forefront of teaching technology and providing opportunities for students.

Although the cost of living, tuition in the US higher than other countries, the visa application to the United States is not very simple, but here students will study in an active environment with excellent teachers , devoted.

In particular, American college degrees are not only of national value but of global value.

3. Study in Singapore

Singapore is a country where the curriculum is built with a solid foundation of knowledge. Advanced education, IT applications are widely used in universities. Sing's education system is flexible, suited to the individual learning abilities of each student.

In addition to four well-known National Universities: NUS, NTU, SMU and SUTD, Singapore also attracts the cooperation of more than 10 leading universities in the world, creating a close link with key industries. of the economy. After graduation, your degree in Singapore will be recognized throughout the world.

In addition, thanks to a unified, unified and regulated education system, applying for a Singapore visa is easy.

The average cost per year for courses is 300-400 million VND. Also, while studying, you may receive a scholarship of S $ 1000-3000, or you can get a loan from a student loan fund.

4. Studying in Japan

Japan is well known worldwide for quality education. Studying in Japan is a good opportunity for those who want to improve their Japanese as well as to improve their majors.

Study fees in Japan are always lower than those in the Americas and Europe. In addition, the Japanese government does not limit the extra work. This will help you cover some of your family expenses, and add valuable experiences for yourself.

5. Study in Canada

Canada is a country that puts the quality of education first and is one of the three countries with the most developed education (according to OECD).

Although not "massively" scholarship input, but Canada is still an attractive destination for students in many countries around the world, including Vietnam. The main admission date is September.

The cost of studying in Canada is quite "soft". Canada's leading colleges and institutes offer more than 8,000 curricula from colleges to higher education in Canada with tuition fees ranging from 40% to 60% of tuition fees at regular universities. in Canada.

In addition, the schools still have small scholarships to encourage the students and students with excellent academic achievements.


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