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To study in the US, what should parents prepare for their children? (Part 2)

In addition to the highlights I mentioned in the previous article, this time I will talk about the more difficult elements to see in a decision to study abroad. If there is a learning plan, a foreign language, financial conditions, and less relationships, then the following factors will be sufficient for you or your parents to prepare for. Children before a decision to study.

To study in the US, what should parents prepare for their children? (Part 1)

1. Confidence and Confidence

No matter what you study abroad, confidence determines most of the success when you do anything. Why do you emphasize this factor? In fact, I met quite a lot of students who wanted to study abroad but did not dare to think that I could do it. Some people think that they learn badly, some find themselves inferior, some are unsure of their ability to adapt in the new environment, some believe they can not live alone in a foreign place. No family next door Simply put, many of you do not stay calm in front of a consular officer. The more emphasized it is the belief. When you have a strong belief in something, it is easy to gain confidence.

With your own decision to study abroad, first of all, you must really have confidence in yourself about the journey you are going to take. I caught many friends because of lack of confidence in myself so I did not reach the dream of studying in the United States. Have you by self-infield foreign language, have you lack confidence in front of the consulate to answer interview, you slip the interview many times and then give up and have a visa, go to the United States still Leave midway and back to the water. So I want to emphasize: You must believe in your ability to do what you want and realize it in action. Confidence and confidence in yourself is not the birth of heaven that you have to train. Try to cultivate a foreign language, try to speak in front of the crowd, try to reach the goal and try to do it all the way, believe that no matter what happens, everything will be okay. Settle fine.

When you achieve something - no matter how small, on the way you go, you will find it gives you the power to believe you will do more. So, from now on, from yourself to your parents, try to find a way to train your confidence and conviction that trust is a very important factor on the road to conquest. Dream of studying.

2. Desire to experience and accept reality

This is an extremely important factor for an international student. I want you to be mentally prepared with excitement and enjoyment of a new opportunity to experience. It's the best way to help you get past the initial cultural shock as well as help you quickly learn new things at the fastest pace. Sure, most of you when making a decision to study are interested in going to another country and learning new things. However, the reality is often not what you want to be completely or not just good things, such as what happened during periods of cultural shock in your previous article, Language, eating, living habits ... so you need to be ready to face all possible situations. Or a word I usually use is "adaptability."

Humans have existed and developed to this day, becoming the dominant species in this world not because of smartness, but because of the flexible and timely adaptation to the changing environment and society. . Whether you have ever done a job or have good relationships in Vietnam, it does not mean that you will have a similar life in the United States. Many of her warm-up boyfriend was shocked for a long time and tried to return home because they did not accept the American way of life and Vietnamese living in America. There will be no one to care for you as your parents, nor many people who care about your feelings, you will have to be all by yourself. Here, I'm not talking about how to live in the US how it only mentions you adapt to the new environment or not.

All these thoughts and approaches need to be learned and practiced. With young people looking at life as open and modern, try to be positive and have more open minds, you will easily accept and overcome challenging life.

3. Ability to live independently


Although you have been aware of it, you can not imagine, if you do not equip yourself with the ability to live independently, the life of a student without relatives in the land will become so difficult. brain. Especially parents, if you are planning to send your child to study abroad, it is important to train as much independence as possible from birth or sleep. Walking, walking, taking care of yourself to personal decisions in personal matters.

It will be an important platform for you to join a new environment, especially in a completely new environment like studying abroad. For you, when faced with a difficult problem, whether small or large, ask yourself the question without the help of family, friends, relatives, how alone you will solve the problem like? Are you dependent, relying on external factors instead of internal strength and ability of yourself? If you do not have the knowledge, experience and skills, the only way you can do it is to learn and cultivate yourself for the long run. All students will and will experience!

[Student's diary from Houston, USA]
Houston, 21 May, 2017
--Alie Ho--

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