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To study in the US, what should parents prepare for their children?

That seems to be the concern of many parents and most young people are planning to realize the dream of studying in the United States. As promised, and also to answer the questions of many inbox you ask, today I share the important issues you need to prepare when planning to study in the United States.

Actually, my time in the United States is not long enough to say that it is personal experience, however, as I live and study in this promised land, reaching out to many friends, I know many people here, hear a lot of stories, I record quite a lot and today have the opportunity to share with people. With the topic "what to prepare before going to study in the US", I would like to share some basic issues so that you can imagine some of the elements necessary to start a study abroad life. American birth most easily, partly to give you a more general view of the life of an international student.

When you plan to study in the United States, you will be asking questions about the state such as choosing a state, choosing a school, registration procedures, applying for an admission letter, applying for a scholarship, tuition fee, answering a question in front of a consulate Yes, a lot of things to worry about before applying for a student visa. But when you have a visa then, you also have more worry, especially with those you do not have relatives in the US, which is accommodation, transportation, employment ... In short, when Talking about studying in the USA, you will have to prepare yourself a record with clear study plan, strong financial support, English proficiency and some channels of information or interest. Us in the US for initial support.

However, within this article, I do not talk much about these issues. I will later specialize in issues that you can not see while still in Vietnam to look at studying in the United States. It seems to be the seven sink parts of the iceberg that even many parents may not yet see. The content of the article will point out both the surface and the surface of the iceberg, however, individual articles will focus more on the sun and hope you have a more practical view of studying.



It's something you can easily see as you say it: a clear study plan, a solid financial foundation, enough foreign language and some initial relationship. I will indicate each problem nhé.

First of all, having a clear study plan means you need to prepare yourself for a course of study based on your current curriculum and future plans. For example, do you intend to study in high school, college or university, masters? Do you want to study a foreign language or want to apply for a major? After graduation, how do you plan?

Please answer the questions in full and in detail and then prepare the appropriate application form and apply for admission. You can find out the steps to prepare yourself, if you are not confident, you should ask a consulting unit. However, at present, the consulting companies are not prestigious in the study, so when choosing you should consult many sources to avoid the loss of money.

Secondly, families should be financially prepared if they intend to send their children abroad. Whether you study in any country, industry, top school or not, your family needs to prepare a large amount of money for you to cover tuition and accommodation expenses. This seems to be the most visible problem because when the family has a good financial potential, you will have to pay for the costs of studying abroad. The advice here is that you should look for information on tuition and fees to determine if it is appropriate for the family budget.

Next is foreign languages. Most of you, when you intend to study abroad or parent orientation for your child studying abroad will prepare this issue pretty soon. Some of you are preparing for TOEFL or IELTS, others for speaking and listening for visa interviews. This should be prepared as soon as possible for foreign language to study is an indispensable. At present, there are quite a number of schools in the United States that accept students with a preparatory English program before entering the formal program, however, with a set of documents that are accompanied by a foreign language certificate and good interpersonal skills. In English, not only help you to convince the consulate, but also save the cost and time learning a foreign language when you study abroad.

When planning to study abroad, draw a plan for studying English (or foreign language of your desired country) and do it. One month, six months or one year, three years depending on the purpose and the school you want to attend. But try to get a certain foreign language before you go to study, it will help you quickly adapt to the new environment.

And the other thing is to prepare some initial relationship (if applicable) or channel related to where you will live in the future. Why do you include this element in the floating section? Because it is a problem that many parents are interested in preparing their children before sending their children to study. It could be a distant relative, or even acquaintances, but not a relative, but they need a friend who can at least pick up their children at the airport, help with accommodation and travel in the new. Or with you, you try to find out the international student group in your area to get help first.

[Student's diary from Houston, USA]
Houston, 20 May, 2017
--Alie Ho--

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