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Things you do not know about Canadian culture

Canada is known for being a multicultural, multi-ethnic country and also a great destination for international students when they intend to study here. Here are some of the highlights of Canadians.

1. Canadian culture is influenced by English and French culture. The two main languages used are also English and French.

2. Leaves are a symbol of Canada from the 18th century. Leaves are on the national flag, medal and national currency.

3. Yann Martel's "Life of Pi" won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 2013.
The film adaptation of this literary work is a 3D film that uses computer-generated cinematic techniques to integrate graphic characters with scenes and real people. After the premiere, the film grossed more than $ 600 million, garnering great success with the Golden Globes and numerous awards at the 85th Academy Awards.

4. Canada allows gay marriage, in addition to many social policies optimized for people's lives such as health care, tax reduction, bans on capital punishment.


5. The Telus Sky Tower in Calgary and the Fifth Pavilion of the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts are designed in a minimalistic and modern way, influenced by English and French architecture.

6. Traditional costumes from Canada for hundreds of years have been influenced by European countries. Most traditional costumes are now preserved at the Royal Ontario Museum and the McCord Museum.

The traditional dance is T'sasala. This is a wild dance and every child in Canada can dance T'sasala.

8. The bridge is about 6 million people preferred.

9. By 2015, the Government of Canada allows international students to be granted a work permit after receiving a visa without having to wait 6 months as before.

10. The Canada Express Study (CES) is a speedy, speedy visa processing and financial proofing tool for visa applications for Vietnamese students wishing to attend college in Canada.

--Thu Hang--


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