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Things to know to avoid being expelled from the United States

There are many ways to invest in America fast. But there are also reasons for being expelled from the United States. To avoid being deported, you need to better understand the US immigration laws.

We combine the cases of expulsion so you can better understand, to avoid those cases, as it affects your future.

1. The concept of "expulsion"

The American term is "Removal," not just a normal act, but a process. There are many kinds of evictions, the simplest of which are expulsion at the airport for an applicant and forcing them to return home in a matter of hours. This is a type of expulsion called Expedited Removal. Officers, airport security officers may request that person return within the day.


The second is expulsion due to the order of the Court. This type is very complex. This is called a Removal Order from Immigration Court.

These types of deportation were enacted by the US Government in the Immigration Act, issued by the US Congress in 1996.

2. Cases of expulsion from the United States

Travelers expired

This type of expulsion is for those who enter the US airport or enter the United States for less than 2 weeks, including those who seek to escape into the United States. All of these forms were expelled from the United States immediately because they were not stamped by customs.

Persons applying for a United States tourist visa may also be deported in form 1 for the following reasons:

Ticket registration is only one way or round trip time too long.

Bring too much cash or more luggage.

Persons who previously entered the United States but have previously committed or committed immigration violations, such as over-residence or unauthorized employment, will not be allowed to enter the United States.

Immigrants who enter the United States but fail to produce a passport will be issued a passport to be issued by the immigration department to the applicant for refugee status in the United States.


Overseas Students:

They are students or exchange students of Vietnam over the visa period granted. Vietnam is among the countries with the highest number of students in the top 10 in the United States, with more than 20,000 students up to 2016.

Offenders in the United States

Violations of immigration law that are ethical include carrying weapons in the public for use in prohibited places, domestic violence, disturbing public order, kidnapping, murder , theft, robbery, prostitution, fraud, drug trafficking, counterfeiting and money laundering, money laundering, members of terrorist organizations, members of the International Federation of Prohibited List United States, war crimes.

People with false cheating (fake marriage)

Time limits for Visa:

+ If a permanent resident has a green card and leaves the United States for more than 6 months, the visa is prohibited for 3 years.

+ If a resident has a green card and leaves the United States for more than one year, the visa is prohibited for 10 years.

Permanent Residents are not considered as permanent residents of the United States, while applying for permanent residency in the United States, traveling or visiting friends in other countries when crossing the border to the United States. Visible will also be expelled from the United States.

Those who have committed crimes in the United States, regardless of citizenship. If you leave the United States and return then you will be considered by the Immigration Service to enter the United States.

Permanent residents have a green card in the form of marriages. If, for two years, there is a domestic violence, a divorce is required. The spouse will not be expelled from the United States under domestic protection law.

If the couple is married and living together, if they live together for two years in a divorced state or are found guilty, they will be deported from the United States. .

It is not easy to expel a person and it is normal in the United States, because it must be thoroughly investigated and judged according to the humanity of the United States. Expulsion is a long legal process, takes a lot of capacity and time, so the case of expulsion is very complex.


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