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Things that study abroad will teach you

The life of an international student will have a memorable experience. And probably not the only ones, most other students realize that it is the study abroad that has brought you many good lessons about this life.

It is easier to understand that only when you go to study abroad, you are away from home, you realize things that you never know before or even how many parents you can not understand. Today's article I shared about that, things that once in the country, at times I did not realize.

More love and caring

Only if you do not have loved ones next door, you realize how important they are. Maybe, while you were in Vietnam, when you were sick, your parents care, your lover, your friends are interested, when they come here, those people have no side to worry for you anymore. You realize you do not dare to complain much, if only sick just say mild illness to parents peace of mind, because you know she will worry that you do not focus on doing anything. They will be white because the time zone to track how you eat, whether to go to the hospital or not, who help not. Then you realize how important their existence is. You will try to communicate with your friends in Vietnam more often, because if they do not share, new life in the land will be so lonely and lost. I have been living away from my parents for many years, returning home at the weekend. But from the US, almost every day to video with his mother. Mother said just to see if you are fine today or not. Actually, at that time, you know, alone away from home, no relatives next door, if not caring for yourself, sometimes burdened the family. The best friend in the next two weeks message to preserve the good life, try to keep healthy learning for success. So the more you love your parents, the more you cherish those who love you more.

Independent living

What I enjoy most when I go to study abroad is living independently. And probably most international students who choose this path will know that they have to learn to live independently. There will be no cooked meals waiting to be eaten, there will be no reminders for the students to decide whether to rent the room or whether to apply for the program. You will need to know when parents send money every month should spend how to fit. Should buy this, buy the other, buy enough is enough just to spend the end of the month is still enough. Most international students will have to earn extra jobs to cover their costs. And when you start to work you will find that you will not be able to work with anyone, no matter how tired is not put in the middle, sometimes warm memories because of pressure but shut up for peace to work. You will wake up at 6 am, wait for the bus and sit in the car for 2 hours to go to school, it may be cold in time to get into the belly. Then eat something in the school cafeteria and prepare to go back to work, and night when the bus to 9h 10h home to get enough money. When I first went to work, my whole body was wet, my hands could not lift up, because in Vietnam I never had to work hard. Now well familiar, there are days tired too, not complain to her mother, worry again. Try to arrange time accordingly, learn, do, have time to find out where life to adapt and develop yourself. It's like living in a student's life, it's just that it's the experience of international students. As a student, you have to learn to live independently, otherwise, you will be able to give up midway. And the fact that I see a lot of you drop out of school and back home.

Know how to work hard

I intend to use the word "precious money" but seems to use "precious labor" more appropriate. If you are a Vietnamese student who has worked part-time, you will feel that way. The feeling that when you make money yourself how precious it. When you go to work as an international student, it feels even happier because you have to work hard to earn it, sometimes sweat and tears. In the US, it is not uncommon for international students to be labor-intensive or to do a lot of work, but their wages are low, but for the cost of education, Selling billiards, noodle shop for $ 7- $ 8 / h. There is a need to stay clean up to 1 am but only be charged at the store is 11 pm. The more you understand, the more you understand how hard it is for parents to have money to send to themselves, knowing that the Vietnamese currency is worth so much more precious money made by the effort it makes less or much.

Self-study soft skills needed

As an international student, you have the opportunity to interact with students from many countries, so you learn a lot from them. You will know how to get to know a new friend the way they get to know you. You will know when you first get to know what to say, you will know who are the enthusiastic friends to play the body, who is just for social etiquette, you will know how to arrange your time reasonable You can learn how to connect with friends and group work in an internationalized way .... and a lot of other skills that depend on you. Individual learners can learn many things during their studies. That is why when you have an international degree in hand, you will become heavier opponent in the job interview after returning home.

If you are a nimble and dynamic person, you can learn more about what you have listed above. Because when there are any problems occurring during the time you study, it can mean that you have learned a new lesson without the support of a loved one. Wish you have the experience and many interesting lessons during your study abroad offline!

[Student's diary from Houston, USA]
Houston, 7 June, 2017
--Alie Ho--

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