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The University of Brighton, England.

The University of Brighton has a friendly learning environment located near the south coast of England.


   The University of Brighton has a friendly learning environment located near the south coast of England. This is one of the educational institutions in the UK sector of economic activity. Brighton City just 60 minutes from London and 30 minutes from Gatwick International Airport.

   Brighton University has more than 22,000 students, including 1,200 international students from over 150 different countries. The number of international students are not too large, but coming from so many different nationalities. Also impressive figures about the number of students, the University of Brighton also create a record of the number of students find employment in the UK after graduation is 94%.

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   The biggest attraction for international students at the University of Brighton's reputation and teaching quality. The University of Brighton has more than 80 majors both undergraduate and master’s. Some industries have been strong and many international students choose to study are: business, financial, investment, accounting, architecture, law, computer science....

   Achievements during the University's Teaching Quality Assessment and Ofsted inspections are among the highest of any university of the United Kingdom. School regularly organizes English courses if you need to improve your English before the official curriculum. The English support classes are also offered for free during the time you have chosen to study at the school.


- University of creative, global: The University of Brighton has been to capture these changes and adapt to such changes in the past 150 years. Nowadays a lot of the courses are at the forefront of global trends. Learning at the school, the students will learn and develop in a dynamic research community and aims to top quality. The field research in fields such as Business, Management and Technical Arts and appreciated in the recent Research Assessment least. Where investment has been infrastructure and technical standards to allow students to use new technology into practical application.

- Competitive advantage: Learning at the University and the International University degree in hand combined with new knowledge and practical work experience is a competitive advantage after graduation of students. The employer's assessment of newly graduated students through the latest knowledge that students gain practical experience.

- Experience life in the UK: in the learning process will help the students with a comprehensive overview of the different cultures, this will be useful in the global economy today. Students will be carried out at one of the partner companies such as Nike Holland, Goldman Sachs London, Walt Disney and American Express.

- Study in the wind and sun flooded waters of the British Kingdom: Located at the southeast coast of England, the University of Brighton is only about 1 hour away from London by train, a peaceful life and lower cost than areas center.

- If there are 5 large campus located in the city of Brighton, Eastbourne and Halsting - the most beautiful beach city in England. You will never know how many students in the UK "jealous" when what you are living in the city was voted the UK students are worth the most bewitching.

- A specialized university top: The latest knowledge of our partners in the industry and expertise is applied to the development and teaching of school subjects.

- Brighton global community: These courses and practical field experience gives students has been growing attractive for students from more than 150 countries worldwide. Meanwhile, the research also facilitates the connection between schools with students from around the world. The graduates of the school are members of the alumni association Brighton University, join in a connected system worldwide with more than 100,000 students.

- Accept the wings for the success of You: The school will support students during the learning process in schools. The school will assist students in arranging a new life as the medium to help them succeed in school and toward long-term career goals.

- Support students to school enrollment: Each student will have one private tutor support in the learning process and the students are enrolled in classes in English free English. To develop future career goals successfully, the students can develop personal career plans his advice from tutors, participate as volunteers in the local community and participation training in business skills if students intend to establish their own companies in the future.

- Upon graduation, these students will receive career counseling and support of the school and attend the University of Brighton alumni free of charge.


* Foundation: Business, Tourist Accommodation, Social Sciences, Engineering and Computer Engineer

- Completion of Year 11 Program
- From IELTS 5.0 - 5.5 or higher

* Best International Programme in Business Studies (International Year One in Business)

- Completion of Year 12 Program
- IELTS 5.5 - 6.0

* Master: Business, Tourist Accommodation, Engineering and Computer Engineer.

- University graduate program
- IELTS 6.5

   Refer to entry requirements at: http://www.kic.org.uk/brighton/how-to-apply/foundation-entry-requirements/


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Refer to the school's tuition at: http://www.kic.org.uk/brighton/fees-scholarships/