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The University of Arizona: Unlimited University in the United States

America owns one of the most prestigious educational systems in the world with the best courses in all areas. The American higher education system attracts students from all walks of life, with a huge number of institutions, you are sure to find yourself a favorite research field.

The University of Arizona (UA) is an unrestricted university, considered a representative representative for the diverse education of chess country. Arizona is home to teaching, research, service, and innovation activities that improve living in and out of Arizona. The guiding principle of UA is to pose big problems, find great solutions.

With 17 UA member universities, any student will find the right course for him or her.

School of Agriculture & Life Sciences (CALS)

CALS teaches students to work and succeed in a variety of occupations in agriculture, environmental science, biotechnology, retail, family studies, biomedical sciences and many other fields.

School of Architecture, Landscape Planning & Architecture (CAPLA)

CAPLA is the world leader in sustainable design and planning solutions for drylands in the world.

School of Education

The school educates educators, school counselors and special education specialists, school principals and superintendents, 12-year school principals as well as universities.

Technical School

Over the past 125 years, Alumni of the UA School of Engineering have discovered, shaped and enhanced the vitality of the world we live in.

School of Fine Arts

The College offers a variety of programs in the Arts, Dance, Music and Theater, Film and Television.

School of Humanities

The School of Humanities captures the challenges that affect the world and change lives.

Y - Phoenix School

The school integrates innovative innovations into the training content so that students become future physicians, apply technology, simulate and advance into medicine.

Nursing School

From 1957 to now the school has been training leaders in primary and advanced nursing.

Optics School

The University of Arizona School of Optics offers comprehensive student research and application in the field of lighting.

Pharmaceutical School

Up to 100 students enrolled each year in the 4-year pharmacy program.

School of Science

As one of the largest UA member colleges, the School of Science is at the heart of award winning programs and centers that encourage both independent and coordinated research.

School of Social and Behavioral Science

This diverse school has trained over 20 disciplines, focusing on the human, as well as on the social and cultural aspects of human development.

School of Literature, Arts and Sciences

This new school combines innovative programs across the humanities, arts and sciences.

Eller School of Management

The Eller School of Management is one of the largest college campuses in the University of Arizona with the most attractive programs, continuing to flourish in the tradition of excellence since 1913.

James E. Rogers Law School

Leading the nation in education, research and legal knowledge, the Law School has an excellent program, training lawyers to practice and lead.

Mel & Enid Zuckerman Public Health School

This is the only state-tested public health school with facilities in Tucson and Phoenix.

UA South

This area provides a quality, learner-centered environment for training in the humanities and social sciences.


10 reasons to choose the University of Arizona

1. The University of Arizona was established in 1885 as a major state-funded university. Recognized as one of the world's leading universities, UA leads research, and annually attracts over $ 606 million in research funding; No. 21 in the US. The UA continually promotes academic interdisciplinary and business-to-business boundaries, and is a member of the American University Association of 62 leading public and private research universities.

UA is also one of the Top 10 Fullbright Scholarships in the United States.

2. UA is at the forefront of an unprecedented mission to launch a spacecraft onto an asteroid near Earth by 2020. The ship will take samples there and bring it back to Earth to help find out. origin of the solar system.

The largest telescopes in the world are made in the UA, right near the Arizona Stadium.

3. Alumni, Actors, Grammys, Tony, Emmy and Oscar, media star, Olympic athlete, Fortune 500 CEO, civil servant, award winning scientist Nobel laureate, inventor and author.

Banner - The School's Medical Center treats more than 100,000 patients each year, and the Center also has the only Grade I injury ward in Southern Arizona.

5. UA faculty and programs are among the best in the United States in a variety of disciplines such as astronomy, medicine, optics, business, and dance.

UA faculty members are internationally recognized for their leadership, scholarly knowledge and contributions to internationally recognized academic associations and training programs.

6. The school has 2 medical faculties and graduates can work immediately as 100% of students participate in the school's connectivity initiative.

7. 100% of undergraduates in UA have the opportunity to apply their knowledge and realize their dreams through internships, field trips, community service, student leadership, creative work. unique, and engaged in research.

The 23 residences of the University of Arizona have many different sizes, styles and locations (different zones) in the campus, so students here are free to choose.

9,000 students live boarding at the University of Arizona. In-house students scored higher than 8% in GPA. Inpatients have a 4-year graduation rate that is 50% higher.

10. The In-House Student Aid Department conducts a variety of activities and support services to assist with referrals and to supervise students during their stay.


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