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The university are good for students in England

The college student in me is appreciated

University of Buckingham
University of Buckingham

has been for many years as the only private university in the UK, the University of Buckingham has traditionally achieved satisfaction index of students is very high and this year is no exception. According to the National Survey of Student British government, 92% of school students are satisfied with the course, however, this figure was down 1% compared to 2011.
 University of Oxford


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It is not clear by world-class reputation, tuition system or by building magnificent pyramids that Oxford University is also located in the top of the "to be pleased" most students, with 92% of students satisfied with the course school this year - also declined 1% compared to last year.

University of Cambridge

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 Sinh viên Oxford cũng sẽ rất vui khi biết rằng đối thủ của mình là Cambridge. 92% sinh viên năm cuối của Cambridge cho biết họ hài lòng với chất lượng giảng dạy của trường, giảm từ 94% vào năm 2011.

Medway School of Pharmacy


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Medway was established jointly by the University of Greenwich and Kent universities to address the pharmacist shortage in the local good. Among the students are studying, 92% said they were satisfied with the curriculum. Last year the figure was 90%.

School of Music and Drama Guildhall
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  One other school based in London and also have an impressive leap is the Guildhall. In 2012, 95% of students feel this school, while in 2011 this figure was 87%

St Mary's University College Belfast
St Mary's University College Belfast is a Catholic school of Queen's University specializing in teacher training.The school topped the satisfaction index of students, with 98% for 2012 compared to 93% in 2011.
Source: Telegraph