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The route to get USA scholarships

It is not easy to find a worthy US scholarship. To help you make your dream come true for a US scholarship, here are some things to help you choose.

1. Search scholarship information as soon as possible

The first thing you should actively seek information, determine what school to study, what industry to learn more about the requirements of the school want to learn.

You should go to the school's website to search for important information. There you can find a lot of information such as majors, school rankings, exams and certifications, minimum requirements.

Or you should go to the embassy you intend to study to find out information. In addition, study exhibitions are a great way to get in touch with the representative of the school and to practice foreign languages.

Schools have different scholarships. There are two main types: Scholarships based on student abilities and Scholarships based on family finances.

2. Improve your English and interview skills

To get the most out of American scholarship, one of the ways is to meet the academic and English requirements. The American university system consists of many different types of schools.

- If your goal is to go to middle-tier US public universities, you need to prepare for a TOEFL score of 70-80.

- If your goal is to go to the best private universities in the top 50, the TOEFL score is 90 or higher (the TOEFL score is 120 points).

In addition to the high TOEFL scores, students need high SAT scores, excellent academic performance, and outstanding extracurricular activities to receive high financial aid from universities in the United States. You should spend time and concentration training to practice interviews from style, answer, to the use of English.


3. Plan

Scholarships now come in a variety of forms, from full to partial so there are many options available to you. Finding out more about the number of applicants for each scholarship will help your application.

The number of scholarships offered in the United States is generally more responsive and quite rich compared to full scholarships.

Thorough planning, thorough to meet the requirements of each school scholarship will help you have a solid site to complete their "hunt" scholarship.

Each university has its own deadline for submitting applications for scholarships so you have to plan early. A well-invested portfolio, paying attention to every single point, will definitely score points in the eyes of the reviewer.


4. Equipping skills, achievements in extracurricular activities, social ...

Candidates need to be well-equipped with extra-curricular skills and achievement alongside the learning outcomes you have. In order to increase the variety of extracurricular activities, you can join professional associations, groups and interests.

These achievements will help you increase your profile, it is also the opportunity for the sponsor to see whether your ability to meet the requirements of the specialty they need or not ...

5. Prepare the application file

For those who wish to hunt for scholarships, you need the following achievements:

- GPA (High School Grade Point Average) at High School / University is excellent.

- Have a TOEFL / IELTS score of IELTS> 7.0, and TOEFL> 90.

- Exceeds the SAT / GRE / GMAT benchmark of schools.

- Have other achievements in extracurricular activities.

- Write a good essay.

In order to receive a high level of funding from the US Government in addition to the high TOEFL score, you will also need a high SAT score, which achieves outstanding achievements in your extra-curricular activities.

And the 5 factors that will help you succeed in the scholarship are: TOEFL, SAT scores, extracurricular activities, essays, school choices and financial aid applications. will receive a small tuition subsidy from the US Government.


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