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The "real learning" classes will make you want to study in New Zealand right away

Not only being hailed as a haven for green lawns and a peaceful and peaceful life, New Zealand is also a country with a human development index and education to prepare for the future in the top of the world.

And with this reputation, the "made in Kiwi" classes always inspire students to explore and develop their potential.

1. "Friendly" class

Classes in New Zealand have a very modest number of students, ranging from 10 to 30 students, to ensure that all students can talk and talk with each other and with their professors. Professors do not ignore anyone because they can look around the classroom and have the time to ask each and every one of them.

According to your case Doan Bao Chau, a graduate student at Unitec Institute of Technology in New Zealand, shared, "Has your tree been in good health?" - "That was the question that the professor asked me at the beginning of the class. I was surprised and surprised, because I did not expect the professor to remember every little detail that I shared in class. "


At Kiwifruit School, the teacher is not only a teacher, but also a great companion so students can grow and grow as they step out of the classroom.

Not only in class, students also meet teachers at the teacher's office. When students have a topic of interest but do not know if they are suitable for an essay, they can send an email to the professor and ask for an appointment to chat. At times, you will find that professors have "google" on the subject more thoroughly than you have learned, so the two sides can exchange very easily and surely you will have more ideas then. .

2. "Understanding and Discovering"

In New Zealand, cultural diversity is highly recommended. This not only shows that the class has many friends from different countries, but also in the lectures students enjoy. Philosophy is always very lively, interesting. Because, many classes in New Zealand have lectures held at the Marae House (home of the Maori-Aboriginal New Zealand community) or at museums of history, art museums ...

For example, when you learn about Syrian immigrants in New Zealand, you will have the opportunity to go to a special support area to talk to them, to listen to their stories, and to learn about their support. New Zealand community for immigrants. Or when learning about the Indian community in New Zealand, the whole class was given the assignment to attend the Indian Dewali Festival. As a result, you will experience all the beauty of music, cuisine and indigenous people in a colorful and exciting way. The boundaries of ethnicity, culture, country, religion ... also so faint and bring people closer together when you live and study in this land of paradise.


3. Class "Practical - Handmade and DIY"

New Zealanders have a tradition of doing everything themselves (DIY - Do It Yourself), so kiwifruit classes are highly practical. Exams are rarely paper-based but consist of very high requirements for producing a particular product.

If you study contemporary dance, the exam is the class you will have a real show that sells tickets. Your task is to perform live for the audience (even if the audience is a student at school). Or, when you study the landscape architecture, your entire group will be assigned the task of performing a real architecture in the city center, as part of a large project chaired by the city government.

Doing real work gives students a sense of responsibility. The test is not just submitted and abandoned, but will be admired by many, long-term use. Therefore, all must try to do well, very carefully to avoid errors. Regular practice also allows you to build a strong relationship with leading industry experts or potential recruiters.


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