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The new Visa program allows immigrants to pick up parents to Australia

The Australian government is about to launch a new visa program.

According to a number of major newspapers, the Australian government is launching a new visa program that will allow migrants to pick up their parents to Australia for up to tens of dollars. Thousand dollars.

In the immigration policy of the Turnbull government, parents of immigrants will be allowed to visit their children in Australia for up to 10 years.

However, because the government wants to tighten spending, children will have to pay for their parents' medical expenses.

After years of pressure from ethnic communities, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull finally promised to change the visa program for his parents during his campaign.

The new visa program allows up to 15,000 people a year to take their parents to Australia.

If the limit of 15,000 people was used up in the first year, the Treasury would collect $ 150 million separately from visa fees.

However, the government does not want older migrants to become a financial burden for taxpayers. Therefore, their children will be required to purchase private medical insurance for their parents and promise to bear all medical expenses incurred.

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Applicants can apply for a three-year visa for a fee of $ 5,000, or a five-year visa for a fee of $ 10,000, with the opportunity to renew for a further five years at the same rate. New level.

Henry Sherrell, an immigration expert at the Australian National University, said that such a high fee was a concern.

He is concerned that the government's program does not allow parents of immigrants the opportunity to be permanently resettled.

But this regulation will help the government limit the increase in medical expenses, and if approved, will bring hundreds of millions of government funds from this kind of visa fee.

The government plans to release the new program along with the Federal Budget Budget Plan next week. If approved by the National Assembly, the new visa program will be implemented from November this year.

[Phuong Nguyen - Viet Times Australia]


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