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The heart of international student in USA on Mother's Day

One busy day of a student far from home ends up pretty late mother. Even though you are used to it, but sometimes remind yourself not to be tired because you have so many interesting things for the time that you are. Today I miss you mom, many, many!

Send my mother,

The morning light is still, I wake up preparing myself breakfast before going to school. I still remember my mother telling me not to skip meals, I even reminded myself that I was away from home, living alone, not allowed to be sick, not electrified by my parents to worry my family. You know, the more you try harder.

Up school, today I have a test weekends, just a weekly test, I do good mother. Hi, my daughter is always right, right and good and always proud mother to have children. After the class, you will be taken to work. I have not told my mother, I have earned more work, not too much income, but it also supports the children to eat at a little to support their parents. Parents care for me. Also, you know, I'm lucky. Friends are also away from home students help a lot. We do not have many acquaintances in America should try to love and take refuge. There are some friends there, the life of international students away from home less and pity mother. Every evening we talk a lot of things, there are late to sleep late. Hi, tomorrow morning, howls to each other to go to school late. I feel like finding what I once thought about the life of international students. Everyone has a birthday party for you, there is also a cake, Mom, I'm so happy, touched, I know you are happy to know you meet good friends, right?

Away from home, to the US, starting new relationships, not having much time for old relationships, and realizing many things. And it looks like that's what she reminded me of before I left.

Mother said luck is the thing comes from the coast and now you are open to your heart to receive these conditions mother. I still try my best, try to love and give. Will it help me to have a better life in my native land?

Mom always tries to learn and accumulate knowledge, that is the key to catch her dream. Mom was right, and she's still up to date. Getting to the US to explore the knowledge sky here is that you have to try a lot. Maybe you do not need to prove or explain to others, just stay with me and support your footsteps. Day by day I remind myself of what I want to achieve, I look at that image and I want you to see it with me. Overseas students must learn, learn well, mother ha!

And you say you do not expect too much of the ambiguous sentiment around you. You can love, you can love, you can hope but do not let yourself be devoured by time and soul. I just realized my mother. Man, no one is perfect, you should not expect far-fetched words. Only people who really care and love me give me some time to care and motivate my spirit difficult days only. I understand. People have too many things to do, there are too many relationships to take care of and nurture, especially with the words of the flower traders, say nice but they do not. Get out and you accept that. Even before you went to study abroad, I received many promises and promises, but only if you have been to the United States for some time, I do not know whether to believe in those words or not, is false. No mom? Are they really just sociopathic shadows like the mother said? Well, according to my mother, the family is always with you, those who truly love will be with you when you need it, just open your heart to receive happiness, grateful for those who help you, respect Those who love you. For those who are cloudy, let the wind take away meaningless words from them. Live feelings and believe in words, only make you more sad, not mother?

I still remember my mother's words, life away from home with temptations, try to protect yourself against the many luxuries. You know, America is really the capital of how many luxuries, but also where people are easily lured without standing still amidst these temptations. I meet a lot of students, each one a scene and not everyone has the right study date. I do not want to tell you so much because I'm scared she will worry, but I'm sure she will try to stay away from the things that hurt her, trying to keep her from the shining things. I will try to learn, not follow the signs, do not busy to do more to neglect the study, not because the story on the sidelines but forget their goals. I promise!

And today, I remember about my family, miss you, you are gradually realizing what is your "real" happiness ?! I try to do the things that are possible in my capacity so that I will not look back and say the word "as if". I will do what I want, for my family, for my children when I have the opportunity. I do not care much about the words around to make her step away, they may be different but they can not catch them like them. I will do what I want, my way. Just mother support me, mummy!

Today, go to work, I heard some sisters reminded is coming Mother's Day, this day in the US is the big ceremony mother. In Vietnam, do you remember the gift I gave you this year? Hi, at that time you only know to use video making software, I give her, tell her mother is to stay awake all week to do it. This year, girls do not have much time, so do not make a video to donate to mother, that day, you can give her mother song? Hi, I will try to bring the most meaningful gift to my mother, my family. I love Mom!

Happy Mother's Day, a day in American !

[Student's diary from Houston, USA]
Houston, 16 May, 2017
Alie Ho


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