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The best city for students in Canada

In 2017 as the fifth year, QS announced Best Student Cities 2017 (Best Student Cities). This year's champion is the city of Montréal of the land of maple leaves.

According to the criteria of the ranking, it is a city of top-quality training, friendly environment that is highly regarded by international students.

Montréal is the second most populous city in Canada. This is a city that uses two main languages, English and French. Nearly 53% of Montréal's population speaks 2 languages. There are 11 higher education institutions throughout the city with more than 200,000 students.
Each year in this beautiful city holds about 100 cultural arts festivals. It is a great opportunity to exchange culture and experience interesting things for international students. In addition, you can visit a lot of small shops, cafés, flower shops are designed in classic French style.

Montréal has five high-quality universities in several prestigious rankings, including McGill University, Québec University in Montréal, Montréal Polytechnic, Montréal University, HEC Montréal.
1. University of Montréal

The school has about 600 training programs as one of the multi-disciplinary advantages, students have more options. And nowadays the number of students has reached 67,000 people.

The University of Montreal is one of the largest research universities in the world. Students are encouraged to do research in science or creativity. Many students have succeeded in researching nuclear energy, quantum cryptography.

2. Québec University in Montréal

The University of Quebec in Montréal is short for UQAM, which specializes in the arts, pedagogy and social sciences. The school has 6 faculties: arts, communications, pedagogy, science, humanities, politics and law.

Currently, the university has about 43,000 students including 3,500 international students. In addition, the school also attracts 20,000 students to distance learning each year.
3. McGill University

McGill is the oldest school in Montreal with about 300 programs. The basic faculties of the school are science, technology, art, agriculture, ...

McGill is the birthplace of the 12th Nobel Prize laureate, the home of current Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. The school also has many famous scientists are Charles Taylor, Sir Ernest Rutherford, Wilder Penfield, ...
4. HEC Montréal

HEC Montréal is your first choice for business management, as this is the first school in North America to receive all three accreditations in business education: AACSB International United States, Equis (Europe) and AMBA (United Kingdom).

You can enroll in HEC Montréal in three different languages: English, French, Spanish.

5. Polytechnic School of Montréal

The Montréal Polytechnic School was established in 1873. With its long history, the University has become Canada's best research institution.
Located at 2900 Boulevard Edouard-Montpetit, the school has 16 engineering majors, including: chemistry, electricity, information technology and software, engineering, physics, mathematics and technology and finally engineering. Construction, geology and mining.

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