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The affordability of students while studying in the United States

This is the result of a recent survey to find out how the college's student advisory on college pay and student debt problems.

1. Background

The time when parents and their parents are struggling with where they are going to school next season. This is a decisive moment for universities across the country.

Many students and their families frequently go to school counseling during their college application process. However, a new survey from the American Student Assistance Organization shows that the school counselor often lacks the necessary training resources to advise students on their decisions. financial after graduation.

In particular, more than 500 respondents surveyed over 1,000 respondents said each school had only one counselor over 300 students. This is much higher than the 250: 1 recommended by the American Association of Schools.

While counselors remain valuable resources throughout the school application process. Student Loan Ranger, the founder of American Student Assistance, advises students and parents to use other resources, such as community organizations and financial aid offices. to make informed decisions about the education of their children.


4. Four Financial Tips

For students bound to college, here are four financial tips to help you explore the options to pay for your course.

The first is to find a financial fit

88% of survey respondents said that finance was a major concern for their students.

But only 21% of the consultants said they had received any formal training in dealing with student debt questions. And 55% said they were prepared to advise students on financial aid.

The study found that less than 20% of consultants surveyed were comfortable discussing financial assistance. And only 17% of those surveyed accurately determined the average student loan rate across the country for recent college graduates - in the $ 35,001 to $ 45,000 range.

If students are concerned about costs, Student Loan Ranger recommends starting a community college in the first two years to complete the general education requirements, such as courses in English and mathematics. , before moving to a four-year university. This can be a reasonable strategy for significant savings.

However, students must study university transfer policies and you should know in advance how the credits will be accepted.


Second, consider the financial options

46% of the surveyed respondents reported that they proposed a series of alternatives to pay for their undergraduate education as scholarships.

Scholarships are a great way to help students pay for college instead of savings or loans. But students should be wary of private scholarships as it can only replace financial aid in some cases.

42% of other counselors request a Parent PLUS federal loan or individualized education loan when the student receives the letter of eligibility. But parents and students must understand all the risks and responsibilities for this loan.

Third, find ways to reduce costs, school fees

There are many ways to reduce costs, tuition. Consultants, like 73% of them have suggested a student live at home instead of at school. Or 94% advised students to take advantage of dual enrollment programs; Students can cut the credit they have to study to complete a scholarship or bachelor's degree.

Fourth, your ability to self-study, learn

Counselors play a minor role in college. But with major lawsuits coupled with a lack of financial aid and student debt financing, some advisors may not be able to advise students on the cost of studying and the debt involved.

For that reason, Ranger recommends that you research these topics yourself. Because you will be the last person responsible for the debt to study at the school of your choice.


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