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Tesol Master's Program at Pace University, New York City, USA

The need to teach English to foreigners (TESOL) is becoming a HOT industry for you to pursue ESL teacher career in the center or school.

In particular, if you have a Master's degree in TESOL abroad as you study in the US, you will definitely have many promising career opportunities both at home and abroad.

Candidates for the TESOL program at the Pace University School of Education will be knowledgeable about the multidisciplinary approach to teaching English language learners (ELL). The increasing number of students requires a specialized study. on language development and literacy for grade level students.

TESOL is a growing field for both ESL teachers and university teachers and teachers in the region with promising career opportunities in the country and internationally. This program is available on both the Westchester and New York campus of the school.

Pace University, in its mission statement, validates this value by considering "teaching and learning its highest priorities."

Central to the mission of the Pace University School of Education: it is the efficiency of teaching and learning quality in educational institutions.

The Pace University School of Education is accredited by the National Council for Teacher Education Accreditation (NCATE).


Highlights of Pace University

Through small classes and early field experiences, Pace Graduate School graduates are poised to start making a difference in the world before they graduate.

A comprehensive education structure is endorsed and a collaborative educational preparation model is set up for Pace University students - an appropriate model engaging in a solid foundation in the arts and sciences.

Motto of Pace University: Opportunitas. Our vision is to make important educational reforms by preparing professional educators to serve as agents for positive change.

Select Pace University for the following reasons:

- No GMAT / GRE and work experience

- You can choose to study at both campuses: downtown Manhattan or Westchester (45 minutes from central New York).

- Top 200 University of America

- 1 student is a career advisor

- Internship Program No. 1 in the New York Metropolitan

- Offers Graduate Merit Scholarships


Education program

At Pace University, students receive the tools they need to become successful educators from well-known national and international faculty.

Students begin to observe the first semester of the second year, one year earlier than most schools.

Offer courses in many new areas of expertise to improve interactivity.

Pace Path is a unique initiative for Pace University to help every student succeed in college, career and life.

The 30-credit program provides theoretical, research and teaching methods for ELLs. Candidates will gain knowledge and understanding of English as an additional language among students. A semester, full-time student teaching experience rounds out in-depth studies for TESOL certification.

Candidates who successfully complete the program and passes the New York state teacher credential will be certified to teach English to speakers of other languages ​​at all grades from Pre-K-12.

Candidates for MST in TESOL must have a bachelor's degree or higher from an accredited institution, with a minimum GPA of 3.0. Candidates will submit official college transcripts to fulfill the requirements for liberal arts and sciences; and at least 12 semester hours or equivalent to learning a language other than English (LOTE).




With Pace University's TOP 200 nationwide program, you will be able to improve your knowledge of modern English language arts, writing, and teaching methods. Born in all grade levels.

Cheap tuition, only $ 14,000 per year.

Input Requirements:

- IELTS 7.0 / TOEFL 88 / KiBT 88 / PTE 60

- GPA 3.0


US scholarships are a prerequisite for continuous teaching and learning.

Scholarships are based on academic achievement for international students entering the freshman year or for transitional students demonstrating their potential. Up to 80% of international students can receive scholarships based on academic merit.

Pace offers a range of options to provide financial support to graduate students. In addition to scholarships and loans, Pace also offers on-the-job training and tutoring.

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